City Council should correct problems before taking on event center

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To the Rocky Mount City Council:

Do you really want to help Rocky Mount grow and prosper? You can’t do it by burdening taxpayers. We are already burdened enough. Have you asked the hard questions about building an event center?

1. Where downtown? Have you considered train schedules during events and traffic crossing railroad tracks?

Have you considered the traffic problems with no major thoroughfares downtown?

2. Have you looked at other towns where event centers have not produced as expected – such as Wilmington and Roanoke Rapids? Rocky Mount is not Durham, and you cannot compare us to Durham.

3. Have you considered another type of money-producing center, like a professional baseball stadium? We once had a team and were a baseball town.

4. Have you considered cutting down on crime by closing nightclubs at midnight? Many fights and much crime is committed after midnight.

Much of the crime is drug-related. Have you done enough about drug addiction?

5. Have you looked at the downtown renovation at Hendersonville years ago, and the many busy shops that draw tourists?

6. Have you considered how many people are moving out of Rocky Mount because of high taxes, crime and utility bills?

If you want a larger tax base, you must do something to draw people into the city – not make them want to move away.

When my neighborhood was annexed, several families moved away and some homes went into foreclosure.

7. Have you considered the extra expense of maintenance in addition to the mortgage? The electric bills have been an albatross around the necks of citizens long enough. Do you want to continue to make unwise decisions?

You must correct these problems before anyone would want to rent an event center here. The world’s wisdom will get us into big trouble.

True wisdom comes from God. His Word guides us into right decisions.


Rocky Mount


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