Rocky Mount firefighters work to free the occupants of a Ford Taurus on Friday after a two-car accident on Goldrock Road.
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Special to the Telegram / Bob Bartosz

Rocky Mount firefighters work to free the occupants of a Ford Taurus on Friday after a two-car accident on Goldrock Road.

Three injured in two-car crash

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Three people were injured Friday in a two-vehicle crash in Rocky Mount.

Rocky Mount Fire Department officials said Engine 4 firefighters responded to the accident about 1:53 p.m. in the 800 block of Goldrock Road. Firefighters said the driver of a Hyundai Elantra struck the back side of a Ford Taurus.

The Engine 4 crew and Nash County Emergency Management Services personnel established a protection line and assisted Rescue Crew 2  pry open the front passenger door of the Ford Taurus to free the driver and passenger from the car, officials said.

Authorities have yet to release any information on the conditions of the victims.


Safety First

Let me start this comment by saying that I truly hope that the drivers and passengers of both vehicles make a full recovery, and that there are no permanent scars from such a horrible accident. Now, let me also say that for the past few months, I have observed some of the worst driving behavior that I have ever seen both on the highway and in town. People are driving extremely fast in the city; running red lights; flying through stop signs; speeding through intersections and past pedestrian areas; tailgating, and driving with children and pets unrestrained, and it gets worse when the weather is bad. I am not saying that either of these were the reasons for this crash, but I AM saying that drivers need to be more safety conscious. The life that you endanger is not just your own. When you speed through yellow/turning red lights just because you don't want to go through the trouble of accelerating again after having come to a complete stop, you endanger other people's lives-a yellow light does not mean speed up-and when you decide to tailgate someone because your vehicle is bigger or faster or newer, and that somehow gives you the right of way to push people nearly off of the road or force them to drive faster, you endanger other people's lives. It's almost an assault with a vehicle. If you are in a hurry, then leave on time or leave earlier. People who think that it's cute to have your animals sitting in your lap with its head hanging out of the driver's side window endanger other people's lives. If you care about the animal at all, put it in a restraint or leave it home when you drive. And finally, I would be remiss if I didn't mention impaired drivers.Not just drunk drivers, but those who also eat, put on make up, fiddle with the CD player and radio, TEXT and talk on the phone, and drive under the influence of medication - YOU ARE ENDANGERING OTHER PEOPLE'S LIVES. I lost four family members to an impaired driver. FOUR. All because someone decided that it was a good idea to drive while impaired. Bottom line: You have no right to endanger the lives of other people who are abiding by the law and operating their vehicles responsibly. Again, I am not accusing either of the drivers of this accident of any of the above action, but I am taking this opportunity to encourage all of us to drive more safely to avoid tragedy. Also, for the record, some of the worse areas for people running red lights are: East Grand and Atlantic Avenue intersection; Raleigh Road bridge (both Nash and Edgecombe sides meaning Raleigh Rd and Franklin Street intersection and Raleigh Blvd and George Street intersection); Thomas and Grace intersection; Raleigh Blvd and East Grand intersection (by Hardees); Raleigh Rd and Nashville Rd; Nashville Rd and Harbor West Dr intersection and West Haven Blvd and Hammond Street intersection. One other thing, the students at Rocky Mount High tear out of their parking lots like bats out of hell. They drive like the are on a race track. I was driving along past the school and one young man ripped out of the parking lot and blew past me like he was going to a fire. Please, people, stop and think what damage could be done by being a selfish and unsafe driver. The life you save could be your OWN.

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