Funding effort aims to aid downtown revitalization


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A couple of Rocky Mount residents are spearheading an initiative to accelerate the revitalization of downtown.

Dear Reader,
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The crime in Rocky Mount will never attract any reputable business downtown. What a shame too! That grant money should be spent more wisely. We all know any business will only last as long as that grant money does. Save the $ or spend it on the veterans.


cecilary compare where the poor live to where the well to do live and tell me that they can't do better or that what they do is enough, don't expect me to thank you and pat you on the back because you provide just enough to justify yourself. And then tell me why are there so many churches in poor communities but yet they're the worst communities in the city? One thing you're right about is that I do "expose division" (the educated blacks v the poor blacks, the black church v the poor blacks and the rich v the poor) If you think exposing the truth about poor people (children) living in poverty is "irrelevant" then you can bet your - I'm staying and I'm not ashamed to let all of you know. Take it as an challenge and do more with what you have, If you can't understand or accept me how do you expect to help the poor. (THE REAL POOR) Johnny Cunningham 252-266-3858


You've not exposed anything. You have stated the obvious. You have offered no solutions. You say you have been working toward solving the problems. Please, tell us what you have done other than condemn those who are trying yet having minimal results. Sincerely, what are you doing? The real poor come in many packages. Some, don't care a whit about their circumstance and live for handouts. Some poor are there because of circumstances beyond their control that have placed them in a place they don't want to be. These are the ones that can be helped because they don't want to be where they are. They will be helped by those who lift them up and require them to exert effort to improve their plight. Those who lift them up will be themselves, caring organizations that will teach them to do better and those who have the resources, yes MONEY, to provide jobs. Do these people live in poor neighborhoods? Probably not and neither will the poor who don't want to be there, as soon as they are helped out. Now, please, tell us what you are doing, if you will.

You just don't understand

"The real poor come in many packages?" "having minimal results". Telling you what to do in order to make the poor whole (self sustainable) will have "minimal results" because you wouldn't know what to do with the plan and you can't allow people as me (the poor) tell you what to do with it. Your programs on paper does not reflect reality, when helping the poor you have to be able to flex and bend using a common simple approach. You're not programming robots. The biggest problem the poor has is people that desire to help but don't know how and don't understand. If you had nothing not even a desire to live what or how can a "program on paper" help you? I will share this with you because you asked "what are we doing?" We're building a company that's going to be admired and feared or die trying. EXPLOITATION OF THE POOR IN ROCKY MOUNT NC. DAYS ARE NUMBERED!!!!!!! THE SUFFERING OF POOR CHILDREN LIVING IN POVERTY IS NOT A GAME IT'S PAIN. Johnny Cunningham 252-266-3858

Very Good

Congratulations on trying. I wish you well with your attempt to build your company. I think you make a grave mistake when you dismiss those who indeed want to help the poor as being unable because they don't understand your point of view or assume that your point of view is the only viable alternative. I agree with you entirely that the poor cannot be programmed like robots, yet that is exactly what the government is doing, programming the poor to be dependent on handouts, making it difficult for them to leave the system. Tell us what your company is doing that is different. You say we don't understand, that sir is because you are keeping it a secret. Please, release the dragon, tell us what the secret to helping the poor is.


"Attempt, trying?" I said "doing and done". Congratulations? This mission is not some task where at a certain point of justifiable achievement it's time to celebrate when the work has just begun and much more to be done. Please understand that generations of families lives and futures are put in our hands and you are responsible to provide the needs of the people just as provision is provided for you, take away your support system and see how far you will be able to advance on your own. This is not a 90 day, 1 year, ect. time framed program on paper but a each and every day custom design support system for the poor. Point of view? The only "point of view" that's important is of the poor. I don't have any other agendas, missions, job, reason for being other than to serve the poor. I understand more than you think when it comes to those that desire to help, why do you think I risk the chance of "dismissing" them? Is it not my responsibility to let you know that you've also been exploited? Sure it is. Do you think that I don't know who it is that truly care and whose been helping the poor all over the world? But wouldn't it be great to impact the entire genealogical tree of that family? I will share this with you and you will understand that not only the poor have I compassion for but you also, there's only one reason the poor will always be among us. What shall I (we) do to inherit eternal life? Read St. Luke 10:25-37 The lawyer represents all those that want to help but don't know how. The man that fell among thieves beaten, robed and left half dead represents the poor, the priest represents the church, the other person represents the world, the certain Samaritain represents what we have to do: (not what would Jesus do? But what did Jesus do.) 1. Went to where the beaten man was 2. When he saw him he had compassion. 3. Went to the man. 4. bound up his wounds, pouring in oil and wine. 5. set him on his own beast. 6. took care of him. 7. stayed with him over night. 8. The next day before he left he gave what was needed to the host (the host represent those that were given "yes money" for the needy but those you trusted became greedy) to care for the beaten man with a promise to repay any extra cost when he returned. Now of the three who do you think was neighbor to the man beaten and left half dead? He that showed compassion? Yes? Then go and do like wise. Make the poor whole. Now you should understand the company we're building. The system in use today of picking through the above numbers don't work. A system that implements 1-8 is what we're creating and it's a company to be admired and feared. It's all about eternal life yours and mine. So you see I'm not "dismissing" you but trying to include you without misleading or exploiting you because the suffering poor children endure entitles them to better than what they've been given and getting. It's all about the children living in poverty, we have to give them voice and choice even if it means helping those that don't want help or don't see that they need help. Those that don't want help or just want a hand out represent the hatred that should have prevented the certain Samaritian from showing compassion to the man beaten, robed and left half dead. History will tell you that they were arch enemies. Johnny Cunningham 252-266-3858


You are way too smart for me to understand.


Unfortunately the problem with some people in reference to helping the poor is that they think they can pick and choose what group to help or that there's some imaginary degree of poverty. You keep doing what you do and we'll keep doing what we do and hopefully the poor will receive the benefits. Johnny Cunningham 252-266-3858


Lasko, I understand your passion for the poor and I applaud you for this. But I have watched your posts for a while. You seem prone to attacking everyone else's efforts and ideas which you have a right to do. But, my question is simple... what exactly is YOUR plan to help the poor in Rocky Mount, reduce crime in Rocky Mount, create opportunities in Rocky Mount? I'm not sure I am clear on your strategy. I agree with your point of view that self reliance and teaching folk to fish so that they are not dependent on the system are important, but I have learned over the years that this is easier said than done. I want to help, but rhetoric in the the local paper does not create opportunities, jobs, wealth or reduce crime. Attacking everyone else's plan without advancing one of your own could also be considered as contributing to the problems you want to eliminate. I also notice that you often offer your phone number for those interested in helping to call you... how much help have you received? In short what is YOUR plan???? Once you share it, if it aligns with my beliefs and areas of interest, I will offer my assistance.

Show and tell

Better to show you what we've done and are doing. Your offer to help "if it aligns with your beliefs and area of interest" is not a concern of ours, you have to make that commitment base on the need of the poor and the lack of support for them, you have to see the truth and the facts of the matter, you have to understand and embrace the pain of suffering that children endure living in poverty. It has nothing to do with you helping me but every thing to do with you doing the right thing and stepping up to the plate as a "LION OF JUDAH" ending this suffering of children living in poverty. This is not a mission for the faint of heart nor the weak sell out. Real soldiers will call and sign up.



You're right

there's no crime problem where you live or on Pearl street where you "sold" a house, you're surrounded by white owned business, banks, school, white owned historical homes, white churches, the city hall, the police station and on the Nash county side of Rocky Mount. I bet you will allow your children to play in the front yard. Where down town starts and end needs to be defined. Now lets inform you of where crime, poverty, violence, drugs, killings, run down ragged death traps houses with people living in them that the city of Rocky Mount allow, boarded up houses, "underserved" city services, homeless shelters, homeless people, a church on just about every street but yet it's the worst community in all of Rocky Mount, so-called convince stores that are eye sores and a detriment to the community, gangs. (would you allow your children to play in those front yards?) There're streets in my own community where I've lived for over 25 years that I DON'T drive down. Those that say and want to think that Rocky Mount don't have a crime problem need to take a ride through the "hood" (Clark, Pender, Branch, South Rocky Mount, Happy Hill, ect. communities and see for them selves the truth about how the other half of the city live and under what conditions and then tell me Rocky Mount don't have a crime problem. As long as you and others (the church and city) close your eyes to the truth and pretend it's not as bad as some say it will and has gotten worst. CRIME AND VIOLENCE IN ROCKY MOUNT IS ALIVE AND DOING VERY WELL BECAUSE YOU PEOPLE DON'T CARE BECAUSE IF YOU DID WE WOULD'NT HAVE THESE PROBLEMS. A LACK OF COMPASSION FOR THE POOR IS THE ROOT TO THE PROBLEM. Johnny Cunningham 252-2667-3858


Where there is no vision, the people perish. Thank you for putting feet on you vision.


There's a "vision" to create jobs for Rocky Mounts' poor people living in slum communities and educate them to take those jobs so they will be able to rebuild their lives and their communities but no one wants to hear that nor will they support it but as soon as some out sider want to "restart" an old building people like cecilray jumps on board but when talking about investing in Rocky Mount's poor people the train is empty. We need to invest in our poor people because a great city is known by how they treat their poor, The way the poor is treated in Rocky Mount has the city ranked in the top 10 in the USA as the most violent and 4th in the USA as the most impoverished. People build buildings, people build communities, people build cities, people need jobs to spend money, we create jobs and invest in people WITHOUT!! the help of the city, the faith base community or the well to-do citizens because they don't care for the poor.

The well to do? Faith Based?

Your arguments are specious. It's the faith based communities that indeed help the poor. It is the well to do who create jobs. YOU? You merely espouse division. You are irrelevant, go away.


Has the faith base community and the city of Rocky Mount treated us so bad when all we've tried to do is help the poor?

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