Barricades stand Wednesday on the N.C. 4/48 bridge over Interstate 95.

Telegram photo / Adam Jennings

Barricades stand Wednesday on the N.C. 4/48 bridge over Interstate 95.

Tractor-trailer damages bridge over I-95

By Brie Handgraaf

Staff Writer

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Drivers looking to head south on Interstate 95 from Gold Rock are being detoured after a Tuesday morning wreck damaged a bridge.

The wreck happened around 11 a.m. when an excavator being hauled on a tractor-trailer was too tall to fit under the N.C. 4/48 bridge and struck the flyover ramp, damaging a metal girder in the bridge. N.C. Highway Patrol Trooper T.C. Batchelor said no one was injured, but one southbound interstate lane was shut down for a short time.

“Basically what happened was that the excavator on the tractor was overheight, so it hit the bridge and came off the trailer,” Batchelor said.

The driver, Randall Winstead, was cited for the height violation, failing to have a commercial motor vehicle marked in accordance with federal regulations and an expired federal safety inspection. Winstead, 41, of Nashville was driving a truck that belonged to Rocky Mount resident Silas Kent Smith. The excavator, which was damaged in the wreck, belongs to C&C Industrial Inc. of Rocky Mount.

N.C. Department of Transportation officials said the ramp onto southbound I-95 is expected to be closed for at least four weeks while crews evaluate the damage and make repairs. Occasional lane closures on I-95 South also will be necessary to complete the work, officials said.

Drivers are advised to go north on I-95 to the exit for N.C. 33, cross the bridge and enter I-95 South. Real-time travel information also can be accessed by calling 511, visiting or on a mobile device or following NCDOT on Twitter.


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