Rocky Mount Downtown Development Manager John Jesso

Rocky Mount Downtown Development Manager John Jesso

City hires new downtown development manager

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Rocky Mount has a new downtown development manager.

City Manager Charles Penny announced Tuesday that John R. Jesso has been selected to fill the position vacated by Vanessa McCleary in October.

Jesso worked with Wachovia Bank for 18 years as a strategic program manager prior to serving two years on the Strategic Governance Leadership team with the U.S. Department of Education in Washington, D.C.

“I am pleased that we were able to attract an individual with the qualities that John Jesso brings as our downtown manager,” Penny stated in a press release. “John’s diverse background will be an asset in his new role.”

At Wachovia, Jesso oversaw implementation of the bank’s expansion when it moved into a new territory and was responsible for its growth strategy. With the Department of Education, Jesso served on a team charged with creating a collaborative environment where stakeholders can openly share information and ideas, resulting in a more efficient workplace and saving taxpayer dollars. Jesso also has worked with nonprofit organizations in the fundraising and event-planning areas.

A graduate of the University of North Carolina-Charlotte, Jesso began his first day on the job Monday after moving to Rocky Mount from Charlotte. He will be paid a yearly salary of $58,000.



Dancy, if you lived in Rocky Mount I might take your comments more seriously!

Ignant it does not matter where I live

because what I said is still the truth! You don't have to take me any kind of way, matter of fact why would you respond anyhow? Because you want to attempt to silence or discredit me but you can't. LMBAO!

Now Run & Tell That!


Dancy, if you lived in Rocky Mount I might take your comments more seriously!

downtown deveoper hired

Does the City Council not realize this is a waste of taxpayer money. Until something is done about the crime within blocks of the new proposed event center will anyone want to come to that area. We are going to end up like Roanoke Rapids with a 40 million dollar weight around our necks for God know how long. City Council of Rocky Mount awake up and see what is happening here.

Goes to show that

it does not matter what the City Manager or the City Council does, they are going to be negative. So therefore the City Manager and the City Council must do what they feel is right.

Mr. Dancy

doing nothing about black on black crime is the right thing for the city council and the rest of you so-called blacks and faith base community FAKES?

That's quite a salary...

...for someone whose job description is tantamount to rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

Another fine use of taxpayers

Another fine use of taxpayers money


do they know he is WHITE


That's the only reason he was hired, he's the "Great White Hope" Penny hopes bail his butt out or blame.


because there's NOTHING to manage down town but crime.

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