City to sponsor bike ride through historic neighborhoods

By Brie Handgraaf

Staff Writer

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The route is planned and the weather is forecast to cooperate for the first Fun Bike Ride, a 6.5-mile guided trek through historic Rocky Mount for anyone interested.

“Riders who do not know our historic districts or who haven’t seen them first hand will be able to ride through them during the Fun Bike Ride,” said Senior Planner JoSeth Bocook. “We’ll point out those historic districts before the bike ride begins.”

In celebration of National Bike Month and 
National Historic Preservation Month, the outing will kick off at 10 a.m. Saturday from Sunset Park, taking a round trip back to the park where participants will enjoy hot dogs, chips and drinks while they last.

“National Historic Preservation Month provides and opportunity for cities and states to recognize their diverse and unique history,” Bocook said.

The route will take riders through four of the city’s national historic districts, including West Haven, Villa Place, Central City and Rocky Mount Mill Village.

“This is similar to a bike ride the city put together back in 2005 or so, and it worked then, so we wanted to do it again,” Rocky Mount Principal Transportation Planner Bob League said.

“It is an opportunity to have fun, riding a bike with a large group of people and explore the city they live in.”

Officials reminded those interested in participating that the ride is just that and is not a race. Registration is requested, but not required.

“National Bike Month is held every year in the United State and is a celebration of bicycling,” League said. “It consists of a variety of events taking place in many communities. The Fun Bike Ride will promote cycling safety, connect participants with other cyclists in the area and promote fitness and exercise.”

Event organizers said they wanted to keep the route short to appeal to a wide range of residents, including families with children.

“We didn’t want to set a long course because some people aren’t accustomed to riding long ways,” League said. “For those avid cyclists, though, this is hardly a warm up. They seem to be supportive of it because it is generating more interest in biking.”


See the city they live in?

Take a ride on the wild side and ride through the historical poor black communities and see how the rest of Rocky Mount lives. Oops I forgot they don't exist.

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