Clodfelter leaves Senate before becoming Charlotte mayor

The Associated Press

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RALEIGH — The next mayor of Charlotte has officially resigned from the N.C. Senate.

Dan Clodfelter sent his resignation letter to Gov. Pat McCrory on Tuesday, one day after the Charlotte City Council chose Clodfelter to serve out the unexpired two-year term of Patrick Cannon.

Cannon resigned two weeks ago in a public corruption scandal. Clodfelter plans to take the mayoral oath Wednesday.

Clodfelter is a former City Council member who served in the Senate since 1999. Now Mecklenburg County Democrats must choose a legislative replacement for him through the end of the year.

Clodfelter told McCrory in his three-paragraph resignation letter he didn't expect to be writing under such circumstances. Clodfelter said McCrory would know where his new office was located — McCrory served as Charlotte mayor for 14 years.

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