Former United Way Tar River Board Chairman Jim Gray, left, hands the gavel to new board Chairman Gary Fazio.

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Former United Way Tar River Board Chairman Jim Gray, left, hands the gavel to new board Chairman Gary Fazio.

United Way selects new board chairman

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Gary Fazio has been selected as the new chairman of the United Way Tar River Region Board of Directors.

Fformer board Chairman James Gray, president of N.C. Wesleyan College, officially passed the gavel to Fazio, CEO of Boice-Willis Clinic, during a breakfast reception in December.

Fazio has served on the United Way board in various capacities since January 2007.

“I am very excited to be asked to serve as this year’s board chair and to be part of an organization that gives 100 percent heart and effort to improving the community is both an honor and a privilege,” Fazio said.

Among his first responsibilities, Fazio will officially welcome new board directors during a board orientation scheduled for later this month during which he and other leaders will provide an overview of United Way operations and leadership expectations.

“We have accomplished a great deal within the last year,” Gray said. “With Gary’s leadership, along with so many others, I am confident he will continue to push the organization even higher to improve the lives of those that benefit from United Way programs.”

United Way Tar River Region brings together people and resources to build a stronger community by raising $1.2 million each year, investing donations into local programs that are targeting pressing needs in our community, in partnership with 22 agencies, 40 health and human service programs, more than 500 volunteers and more than 10,000 donors who work to improve quality of life in the Twin Counties.

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