Nonprofit group sonsors kids' vision clinic

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A Kids’ Free Vision Screening Clinic recently was held by the nonprofit youth group Fountain of Youth at the Oakland Plantation Community in Tarboro.

“This is one of greatest Christmas presents – among a few – for the children participating in her after school tutorial program,” said Shirley McNeil, director and founder of the group. 

The objective was to screen children in an attempt to diagnose any VIP dormant vision refractions that poses the chance of impeding them from functioning to their fullest in class room settings. The Free Vision Screening was sponsored by Do It For The Children’s Initiatives, a local youth foundation headed by CEO and founder, Milton Bullock, a Princeville native and child advocate.  Of the more than 60 children diagnosed at the clinic, six were recommended for a full eye examination. 

“God created us all with 5-6 essential senses to help us effectively traverse this earthly journey. But, the gift – the sense of sight – is the most predominant of them all,” Bulluck said.  “Left undiagnosed and the lack of treatment is the core reason so many of our young children loose interests in school curriculum and become more of a nuisance, eventually dropping out and into gang activity due to this very neglected problem.”

There are several national vision care program and agencies that will be able to help the children diagnosed and discovered; with financial aid to get the proper professional vision care. Bullock schedules approximately 12 Free Vision Clinics nationwide and deems it a blessing to be able to do something local of significant value for the economically deprived. 

“It’s like making a long term civic investmentin the local community for humanity,” Bullock said.