Woman gives birth on the way to the hospital

By Tyler Kes

Staff Writer

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It was around 3 a.m. June 2 when Angela Nieves notified her husband, Leo, that the cramps she was feeling might in fact be contractions.

After the second contraction, Angela let Leo know it was time to go, he said.

“After getting our belongings together, we made our way to the car, which began the most stressful car drive of my life,” Nieves said.

After getting onto U.S. 64, Nieves said his wife took her seatbelt off and began pushing.

The pair then got stuck behind some tractor-trailers, when Angela began taking her pants off because the baby was on its way, Nieves said.

“I started honking my horn at the semi and he quickly got out of the way, which I was grateful for,” Nieves said. “Between exit 484 and 485 she continued saying ‘The baby is coming, the baby is coming.’ I pleaded with her to hold on, to give me five more minutes.”

At this point, Nieves said out of the corner of his eye he could see the silhouette of the baby.

“I was excited and nervous, because that is not supposed to happen, the baby being born without a doctor,” Nieves said.

At 4:20 a.m., Victor Emmanuel entered the world as the Nieves’ van sped to the hospital.

Upon arriving, Nieves said he jumped out of the vehicle and started screaming for help.

“I screamed out ‘I need help, my wife just had our baby in our van,’” Nieves said. “At that moment a police officer came out and must have seen the horrified look on my face and asked what was wrong.”

The police officer notified the hospital staff, who quickly came to the Nieves’ aid.

There were no complications, other than some amniotic fluid the boy quickly coughed up, Nieves said.

“He is a very strong and healthy baby boy,” Nieves said.