Mitsie Kirkman

Mitsie Kirkman

Woman falls victim to scam

By Brie Handgraaf

Staff Writer

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Trust and less than two months reportedly were the only things a Nashville woman needed to empty the bank accounts of her roommate.

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This angel is innocent!!!!

I happen to know this lady and she has not done this. Please know the truth of a situation before you point fingers. I ask God to reveal all things. Question have any of you took a long hard look in the mirror? Only Our Father above can Judge. So please do not judge this lady without knowing what has really happened. It is so quick for people to think the worst of people in this day and time. I pray for her and we all need to stop and think before we speak or think the worst case of anyone. I do understand there is a lot of evil out in the world but please also understand there are innocent people that are accused of doing things they did not do.


I guess thugs come in all forms

Out right crazy

Why would someone bite the hand that feeds them... This is nuts.... and then you have your picture on what I call the front page! This is why I trust no one these days, and for someone to come into your home and steal from you like this is just plain Heartless...

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