Billy Ray Coppage Jr.
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Billy Ray Coppage Jr.

Slaying outside strip club marks city's tenth homicide of year

By Brie Handgraaf

Staff Writer

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Rocky Mount police arrested two men Thursday in connection with the city’s sixth homicide this summer and 10th for the year.

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Only ten

Damn only ten this is only the 9th month we need at least 5,6,7...... Or more a month that's the only way we are going to clean up rocky mount is to let them wipe them selves out THUGS

These are someone's children...........

What happened? I'm sure there are pictures in someone's drawer of three smiling little boys. Full of joy and hope for the future.

What happened? I'm sure that there are two moms out there that are grieving today over their son's plight for the rest of their lives.

What happened? A son lies dead. Cut short by something that happened.

What happened? That led three men to a place that glorifies the display of naked women. That caused two of them to feel that violence could solve a problem.

What happened? Three families now cry. Three families now hate. Three families are tied together forever by an incident that started somewhere long ago. Not in the parking lot of a strip joint, but in the hearts of three young boys. In the twinkling of an eye, they decided to follow the wrong road.

What happened? Someone didn't care enough.

What happened on the night that Jamey Lee Silver died? The opportunity arose for us all to weep, to care, to keep it from happening to some other boys. Look around, is there a child looking up to you, that you can keep from a fate such as this? Will you care? Or will you look around some day, when it happens again and ask: What happened?

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