Police investigate the scene of a shooting that wounded four teens Monday near the 1100 block of West Raleigh Boulevard.

Telegram photo / Tyler Kes

Police investigate the scene of a shooting that wounded four teens Monday near the 1100 block of West Raleigh Boulevard.

Shooting wounds four on church basketball court

From Staff Reports

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Police are releasing few details about a shooting that wounded four juveniles who were playing basketball outside a church in South Rocky Mount.

Authorities said a group of teens were playing basketball shortly before 6 p.m. on the courts behind Word Tabernacle Church at the intersection of Calvary and Edwards streets when shots rang out. Four unidentified juveniles were wounded by the gunfire.

Three of the victims were taken to Nash General Hospital and a fourth was airlifted to Vidant Medical Center in Greenville. Their conditions and identities remain  unknown.

Police said they believe one gunman is to blame and are looking for a male suspect wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt and gray pants.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Crime Stoppers at 977-1111 or crimestoppers@rockymountnc.gov.



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Lock down

Is it time for Marshall Law? This is out of hand!

A new civic center will help !

The City Council and the City Manager is more concerned about building a new civic center than cleaning Rocky Mount up and reaching out to the young people. The Rocky Mount Police Department is not capable of bringing gangs down and solving this problem. The ATF and U.S.Marshalls Office and the SBI need to be brought in and track down these gangs and send the leaders to prison. This job is just to big for the RMPD. The young people in this town are joining gangs because there is nothing in this town for them to get involved in. They need a center where they can be reached out to, a place to meet with people who can show them the right way. Andre Knight and Rev. Barber, you are always using the race card for everything. Well you can't use the race card on this one. The white people are not destroying your race,your own race is killing each other. The City Council wants to know why they should not build a civic center downtown Rocky Mount. I think last night's shooting answered that question for you !

leave them alone

why don't everybody just leave them alone . let them kill each other . that way we don't have to feed them and there offspring . somebody needs to find the thug that shot these thugs and put a bullet in him for not doing it right . now we have to take care of these thugs for the rest of there non productive life . that's just my 2 cents .


johnadams3, thank you being brutally honest with your response. You are only saying what probably 50% of the community is thinking. Now we know. Your response is the reason we are in this situation. We have a section that wants us to kill each other off and another that really don't care until it hits home. With that and the lack of support from the city, what do you expect to happen to the city, johnadams3? When people like you start caring and offering solutions, based on common goals to build the city, giving positive advise on issues, then we build a city where all of our offspring can be proud of. We need more than your 2 cents. We need all you got to help, not become part of the problem. I am an African American male and find your comments devisive. As a man with 2 cents, you have to know that and don't be a hipocrite talking about non productive kids and you are being non productive with this type of rhetoric. Help, not hender.

to Johnadams

I take that as insult,when you refer to them, whom are u talking about, you need to make yourself clear. If you got any information right,one of those children who got shot and killed last night was not a thug, he just wanted to play basketball and maybe we should call you a thug,it's some people like you, who, yes are a racist and very uneducated that we're so divided in this city,and yes I'm African American who has been working since the age of sixteen and never got any kind of assistance from government or anyone else, and no you don't have to take care of me,it would probably be the other way around, and yes sir your two cents should be a penny, and hey that's just my dollars worth'''''''''''''''''''''''''

Agree !

I have to agree with lhill on this comment. There were innocent children out there last night that got shot. Anyone in that area could have been shot or killed black or white. I have friends that work around that area and live in that area, it could have been one of them. This was a very wrong comment. It does not matter what race you are no-one has the right to shoot you down. I go to that area just about every day and these kids are always playing basketball and not bothering anyone. The thug that shot them is a coward black or white. There are people out there that think the world owes them something,they don't want to work.get an education or anything that will bring them a better life. Not just the black race but the white race also. I believe all people are human beings that deserve the right to life,liberty,freedom and equality. We were all created by God. No race or nationality is any better than the other. If we are thugs,deadbeats,racists or haters it is because we made ourselves that way. And by the way I am a white american but more importantly I am a human being with a heart that cares about "all people" !

4 shootings in Rocky Mount

How many young people have to die before the powers that be take matters into their hand and get control of this gang situation? They are so intent on spending money spend it on providing programs for these kids who have no parent that can control them and do something about the gang infiltration into our town. People quit looking the other way because you think it doesn't happen in my part of town or it will be there eventually.

Who are the powers that be?

So is it the powers that be the ones to enforce the law?

They are so intent on spending money spend it on

providing programs for these kids who have no parent that can control them and do something about the gang infiltration into our town. So what programs are you talking about? So how are others suppose to control them if their parents can't control them? Just asking? I will share with others.

Ignorance? I thought it was

Ignorance? I thought it was 'ignant' or something...Tell everyone how you tried to get a fellow co-worker fired at Honeywell Dancy (fatboy) cause he gave a guy who was retiring a confederate flag as a going away gift. Don't be 'ignant', please talk about YOUR past. Also your website 'thepolicaticalaz*hole' sums up your credentials...

I am going to let you tell the story

so go ahead. But get your facts straight. Did you mean the world's most famous blog, http://www.thepoliticalagitator.com I am The Political Agitator! Now Run & Tell That!

Glad to Explain

Let me see if I can help. Programs that educate not only children, but parents also the affect gangs have on families and communities. With political agitators and community activist working together to teach/educate the parents and kids, who knows what could happen. There are parents that can't control their kids. There are parents that try as well. If, there are alternatives other than the streets, parents that try won't lose as often. Thus, minimizing the affect of the ones that don't care. I am sure good people like yourself have a lot of suggestions, please share and see if we can rally for something positive in our community.

So Sad

This is so sad. RM needs to have a welcome sign saying RM welcome to the hood! Only more shootings to come Im sure. No sleep for fire and police this week.Killing each other just after Martin Luther holidays. Ignorant thugs have the wrong sight and mission that Mr King had. God bless us all! $ome of us have no choice but to work and live in this mess everyday. Guess ill stay up and wait for the tone to go off for the next shooting.

Gang trash

Pay back for killing of gang member on highland ave. Rocky mount what a place to live!

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