Public to weigh in on event center

By John Henderson

Staff Writer

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The public on Monday night will have its first chance to offer its views to the Rocky Mount City Council about a proposal to construct a new $45 million event center in downtown Rocky Mount.

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Thanks for providing this

Long Time Resident

I'm not here to disrespect anyone. I just think the citizens deserve a referendum on this. If you get enough yes votes then build it, but if you get more no votes then let's move on to making Rocky Mount a better place to live. Before we can get better as a community the finger pointing, name calling and racial comments have to stop. We are all one in God's eyes and we need to start acting that way.

Be There

The #1 important thing is to BE in attendance tomorrow.

The #1 REQUEST should be to demand a referendum. Don't let the City Council get away with railroading (pun intended - downtown & all that) their ideas at our expense.

Be there - and speak. Speak to the referendum. Ask for the public's vote.

It is my understanding

It is my understanding that the proposed center will be built on land currently occupied by the old RM Wilson school, currently occupied by a senior citizens' home and a gym. What will be done with all the senior's that will be displaced from their homes?

I don't think this is any

I don't think this is any more than a dog and pony show. The decision has been made and this is more than likely a token "we took public opinion into account" effort before they do what they want to do anyway. This isn't Field of Dreams. If you/we build it, they aren't going to come. I have lived in Rocky Mount for most of my life (50 years). Downtown rejuvenation started with Station Square Mall years ago. We have had the People's Bank Building, the train station, and then the Douglas Block added to this. Where does the "rejuvenation" stop? It won't be long before we will have to start dumping money into rejuvenating Golden East Mall. There is more and more vacant space and many stores that are there aren't exactly national names. The economic engine that ran Rocky Mount has gone. Textiles, tobacco, telephone, banking, railroad, trucking, and Hardees Food Systems has almost all dissolved, only to be replaced by unemployment and welfare. The federal government's policies have allowed much of this to migrate overseas and revenues to be diverted offshore. No event center is capable of helping this. Rocky Mount does not have any kind of appeal to make it a tourist destination.


Cumulus is a known racist who hates white people. I feel sorry for the white people who have to work with him at Honeywell. I will not support Honeywell and he should be fired for being a racist!!!

Ask the white people that know me

on a personal note and get their opinion. LMBAO! Oh make sure you post their names.

dancing curly I am certain

dancing curly I am certain that if Dodge City were considering building a civic center your input would be more than welcome. Hwever since you are NOT a citizen of Rocky Mount nor do you pay Rocky Mount city taxes your inane babbling is as worthless as a screen door on a submarine. However it seems that your yearning to be a publicity prostitute continues to overshadow your GED education. Ten year running and you still don't know me or in wording more to your understanding "You don't know Jack Schmitt."


So you and others take time to respond to me when you say my opinion is worthless? Now how ignant can that be? LMBAO! I am The Political Agitator and I am damn good at it! Now Run & Tell That!

And the simple minded catfish

And the simple minded catfish has taken the bait again---LOL dancing curly -- ten years and counting and you're still wandering in the wilderness trying to know me.

Special Hearing with comments allowed to boot!

It is very unlikely that a special hearing, other than those required by law, would be held if it weren't for public pressure. I commend all those speaking out against such issues. Now it's time to pressure the City Council to put the issue to a referendum. Let the people decide! After all, it's our money they will be taking to spend on this perpetual expense. Some people seem to forget that the City Council has rammed things down our unwilling throats before with "for show" public hearings. Glad to see the Community Council getting some credit but let's not forget that there are a great number of individuals who share a strong opposition to this endeavor.


None sense!


SPELLCHECK-- it's --nonsense---Your GED is failing you again

Just love it!

I love it! I know how to pull ya'll strings and watch the puppets dance! You get the 1st place prize because your ignant self was the 1st one to jump on the way I spelled the word. I knew it! You are too ignant! Now Run & Tell That!

Meetings, banquets and basketball games...

pretty much sums up the underlying logic of the backers of this fiasco-in-waiting.

Public Hearing

But Skip Carney and Lige Daughtridge leaders of The Community Council know that a public hearing would have taken place before the Rocky Mount City Council voted on the event center anyway.


You're point? Other than seeing your own name online, again.

My name online?

How ignant! Nope! You have a problem with a black man not being afraid to speak out. That is not the norm! LMBAO! Oh you got the point because if you didn't you would not have responded.

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