Police seek suspect in teen’s shooting

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A 15-year-old Rocky Mount resident was shot and killed early Saturday morning and police continue to look for the person or persons responsible.

At 12:06 a.m., Rocky Mount police received calls reporting shots being fired. Responding officers located a victim in the 700 block of E. Highland Ave. The victim, who police are not identifying at this time, was pronounced dead at the scene. Edgecombe County EMS responded and transported the victim to Nash General Hospital. Rocky Mount police are investigating this case and following up on leads, a press release states.

No arrests had been made. The Rocky Mount Police Department urges anyone with any information in this case to call 972-1411. People may also call Twin County Crime Stoppers at 977-1111 or use the Text-a-Tip program by sending a text to RMPOL and a message to CRIMES.


don't worry

don't worry . they will figure out how to make the city pay for this thugs death . he chose to live like a thug . so there for he dies like a thug . I guess the child was in charge not the parent .

You won't see andre knight

You won't see andre knight nor rev buffet buster barber show up becuse this was apparently a black on black crime--in fact they could care less about this youth's death because it won't gain neither of these publicity prostitutes televison time.

I agree with Mr Beverly !

I surely agree with Mr Beverly when he stated this could have been prevented. The city is more worried about building a million dollar event center then cleaning up these streets of gangs and drugs.Our young people are being killed and dying every day of drug overdoses while the city sits back and tries to figure out how to make money. Instead of wasting money on another event center why not build a center for these kids to reach out to someone. A place where they can be counseled and taught that they are still loved and that drugs and gangs are not the answer. Instead of cops having a cup of coffee with elderly people at Hardees why not have a event once a month where these kids can come and have a meal and talk with you and get to know you. The best cop you can be is to be a friend and counselor to these young people not drinking coffee with someone that already been down the road of life.


So sad!! Praying for this family

And why was a 15 y/o

And why was a 15 y/o wandering the streets at that time of morning ?


He was a sweet young man loved by his peers, teachers, family, and anyone who knew him. We (his immediate family) don't know what led to his tragic death, but we know it was undeserved and and senseless.

Father's comments

Freeman's father, Alfonzo Beverly, said his son's death could have been prevented. "I feel like something else could have been done besides this gang banging. It's gang related," said Beverly. Police have not said if the shooting is gang related, but Beverly said he knows what his son was up to. "He's been in a gang for a while now and I've been trying my best to get him out," Beverly said.

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