Police investigate the scene of a shooting Monday near the 1100 block of West Raleigh Boulevard.

Telegram photo / Tyler Kes

Police investigate the scene of a shooting Monday near the 1100 block of West Raleigh Boulevard.

Police identify teens wounded in basketball court shooting

By Brie Handgraaf

Staff Writer

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Rocky Mount police have released the identities of four teens shot while playing basketball Monday night.

Authorities said three of the victims – Michael Lyons, 17, Jakavis Whaley, 19, and Antwon Jefferson, 13 – were taken to Nash General Hospital for gunshot wounds, where they were treated and released. Nyreek Horne, 12, also was shot and flown to Vidant Medical Center in Greenville, where he is listed in critical condition.

The juveniles reportedly were playing basketball around 6 p.m. when shots rang out in the streets surrounding Word Tabernacle Church, and the victims were wounded. Police said the gunman was seen in the area prior to the shooting and was last seen running toward a light blue small SUV, which was parked near the scene of the crime. No arrests have been made.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Crime Stoppers at 977-1111 or crimestoppers@rockymountnc.gov. Text a tip to police at 274637 by beginning messages with RMPOL to direct the tip to the Rocky Mount Police Department and type up to 155 characters about the information.


Rocky Mount Gun Violence resembles Wild Wild West

It's very unfortunate that we have so many shootings in a city of this size. Are we striving to become the crime capital of North Carolina? We, as a city, cannot continue to sweep these incidents under the rug - as if they didn't happen. As more and more parents continue to remove God from their homes, and legislators continue to remove God from our schools, these problems can only get worse. As for our law enforcement officials, it may be time to consider placing security cameras in all of the known high-crime areas of the city. Other large metropolitan areas have done it and seen moderate success and it's most likely time for this city to do the same. Law-abiding citizens shouldn't really mind if there is a '3rd' eye looking down in certain parts of the city.

Damn here we go what are you doing?

This is nothing new for some of us been doing things in the community since the 90's. Lay down some words of wisdom? We have told those who know what is going on around them to tell it and that way things will change. I be dang if we can make them do anything. Stop the madness? What do you suggest? We can't stop the madness because first of all we don't know who they are. Do you? Study? How ignant to bring up about the EVENT CENTER which has nothing to do with the murders. Anyone who know how government money can be used it is earmarked for certain things and it can only be used for that. You can hold anti-gang programs but if the folks who know what is going on do not tell it then what the h.. good is it? I have attended several workshops at school and in the community so what is your point? I bet you have not attended one. It do not matter what we say ignant white folks and ignant Safe Negroes will still twist what we say. So what are you doing? Speak or forever hold your peace. LMBAO!


sorry - we need to pull together in this time of need!


Just living the "Dream".

Looking for a Response

Five young people shot down in one week; one dead, one in critical shape. I pray for those injured as well as their family members. Where is the official response from our so-called community activitist...those who claim to "speak truth to power." Please, lay down some words of wisdom for us. What are we going to do to stop this madness? What in your agenda addresses this problem head-on? And in the meantime, we are paying tens-of-thousands of dollars to "study" diversity within City Hall. That's money that could be utilized for anti-gang programming or at the very least, additional overtime money for the RMPD. Speak now for ever hold your peace oh leaders of the new majority.

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