Police warn residents about potential sales scams

From Staff Reports

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Rocky Mount police have received numerous calls about people going door-to-door selling alarm systems and other merchandise or services.

Authorities urged residents to ask sellers for their permit issued by the city before making a purchase and contact police about any vendors without permits.

“There are some individuals who are not reputable and we urge people to use caution in dealing with these folks,” police Cpl. Mike Lewis said. “You do not have to allow these folks in your homes or even on your property. It is OK to say ‘no.’”
If a resident finds something suspicious about a door-to-door salesman or if one refuses to leave even when requested, Lewis urged residents to call police.

Other tips for residents dealing with solicitors include taking time to make a decision, getting several estimates before signing a contract and checking with the Better Business Bureau for information on the company. Read all information carefully to be sure that what the quoted price includes.

The non-emergency number for Rocky Mount police is 972-1411.