Rocky Mount City Manager Charles Penny
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Rocky Mount City Manager Charles Penny

Penny touts benefits of proposed event center

By John Henderson

Staff Writer

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An event center is a critical component of the city’s downtown revitalization efforts and would provide an economic jolt to this area, City Manager Charles Penny said during the weekly meeting of the Rocky Mount Kiwanis Club on Thursday at Benvenue Country Club.

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Penny is in Knights pocket

I cannot believe Charles Penny is supporting this, but then again I can. Instead of focusing on why downtown revitalization isn't working, he wants to throw money at an event center that will lose money for a few years and will then sit vacant continuing to lose money. I am all for jobs and job creation, but lets look at why job creators will not come here. We value Wal-mart whose policies are detrimental to communities yet we protest Roses because of a white man who has different political beliefs but has provided jobs. I don't get it. I live near downtown and I have seen more closures than growth in the last year. Lets focus on that before we focus on another failing idea for that area.

Come on guys!!

The figures don't lie! If we build it, they will come. Just think, some day we will have big named stars doing shows in Rocky Mount. I think Randy Parton should christen the Andre Knight Civic Center and Boondoggle.

Andre Knight Civic Center

That's a great idea THE ANDREY KNIGHT CIVIC CENTER featuring the only entertainment we could get Little Thug opening for Bone Thug. Bring Your own weed & AK47 and join us down town Rocky Mount.

penny touts event center

I can not believe that Mr. Penny truely has looked at all the facts. We need to clean up Rocky Mount. We have houseing needs for so many of our citizens plus the problem of the crime and our young people not being prepared for the workforce of today. There is no major thorougfare to the vicinity that the proposed event center would be located. This needs to be put to the people of Rocky Mount in a referendum and let them decide not the City Council.We can hardly pay our utility bills and all our other necessary bills. We can not afford any higher taxes and debt that will pull us down financially. We have an airport that large planes can not fly into and other examples where money has not been spent wisely. Let's not end up like Roanoke Rapids.

Living in a dream world

Read the article, took note of all the "facts" and figures presented by Mr. Penny, and sadly reached the conclusion that Mr. Penny and presumably other members of the RM city leadership are living in dream world. And I strongly feel that dream world will quickly turn into a nightmare for property owners like me who will see their taxes severely increase to pay for that boondoggle.

Need to put your boots on for this crap !

If anyone believes this crap Charles Penny just said then I have a bridge in Paris France I will sell you ! He has got to be the biggest joke that has ever been a city manager in Rocky Mount. As the indians use to say he speaks with a forked tongue. Sweet on one side and cutting you with the other side. Why would anyone want to come to Rocky Mount to an event center and see a run down ghetto city. And who will protect them from being shot or mugged or from someone stealing their car why they are in the event center. Pull your head out of your butt Penny it is not going to work !!!!!!!

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