Officials challenge city's ranking on top ten crime list

By John Henderson

Staff Writer

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A recent online story by a a national real estate firm declaring Rocky Mount the fourth most dangerous city of its size in the country is misleading, Rocky Mount city officials said.

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Dispute all you want.

The Officials can dispute all they want. A couple years ago many crimes were re-indexed to change the statistics while giving the appearance of reducing crime. The bottom line is that talk is cheap. Let's see some results. I don't care if they spew a whole boat load of rhetoric, it doesn't make it so. When we see actual results then we can believe it. I did not see a single word about anything that is being done to curb crime. All I read were a bunch of nah-aws to the statics and generalities about crime rates decreasing. Riding a cyclical downturn in crime rates and patting yourself on the back saying "good job" is not taking steps to reduce crime. How about lets sell some city property, close some unnecessary city entities, and divert that money to hire more police? How about lets getting the utility costs down to attract people to the area so that the tax base grows thus more funding to the police? How about growing the tax base ethically rather than raising the tax rates? ...are those crickets I hear?


City leaders acknowledge that Rocky Mount started seeing a noticeable increase in crime since the late 1980's. And that Rocky Mount has had a crime problem for 20 years or more. Probably closer to 25 years. But the study focused on 2012 statistics. So I guess the study should have only focused on 2013 which may be the only year out of the past 20 or so years there appears to be a major drop in crime. City leaders may have some points. Many cities across the nation were not part of the survey for various reasons. A number of cities in the 50,000-70,000 range don't report crime statistics. Cities such as Wilson and Greenville were not included. I thought Wilson had 50,000 residents so I don't know why they were not included. Including more cities in the survey isn't going to change the crime problem in Rocky Mount. But you wouldn't see the headline Rocky Mount 4th most dangerous small city in America


Just log on to the computer and go to Facebook and request Fighting Crime in Rocky Mount...I am a member of that group and they report everything that goes on here in this city that is reported to them. They are a big help as they report traffic accidents for the ones that are out and about in the city, but they also post fights, shootings, robberies as well....You would be surprised to see how many gunshots are reported EVERY DAY in this city and they usually start about 6:30 or so and go well into the night. For anyone here in this town to think that it is safe, then you are either crazy or too stupid to accept the fact that if something is not done soon, there will be no more Rocky has regressed so much in the last 15 years that I do not think it will ever recover.... Also, for those that want to throw out the race card, if you will pay attention, most of the fights happen at places like Da Boatryde, Da Wave, and Ebony and Ivory. Places like Westridge, Sharks-n-Shooters, and Good Tymes rarely, if ever, have any type of situation happening. Places like Gator's some times have things happen, but that is only when the first three clubs that were mentioned are at capacity and they get the spillover of the thugs in this town...I pretty much get along with everyone in this town regardless of age or race...I love white people and black people the same, but once you cross over into the thug or extreme redneck category, you have lost my respect because it sure as hell is not shown to you....


I don't hang out at any of these places and I don't know but a few folks that say they do. So since I don't hang out at these places then that means I am not in that harms way. Obviously those hang out at those places have no problem with those places. As it relates to Fighting Crime And Cleaning Up Rocky Mount facebook page, hell anyone can listen to a scanner and hear the calls as they are called in. Hell I have been listening to a scanner for 20 plus years and could do the same thing they are doing. I said this on their facebook page and they blocked me from being able to make comments. LMBAO! I have an opinion of why the page was started and I also received some information about the page recently.


So I take it that the Power Plant is one of those areas since there was an armed robbery just a couple weeks ago???

And the Food Lion on

And the Food Lion on older lady had an attempted robbery situation and was stabbed in the neck in broad daylight...

Misleading Stats

Also, the stastics are VERY misleading...I have witnessed first hand at least thirty or so fights or gun shot situations in the last year that were never reported because the people that were involved either left before the cops got there or the cops did not charge anyone to avoid paperwork or a black mark against whatever club was involved. Did anyone hear about the huge brawl that happened at The Cookout? Probably not, but it was recorded on one of my son's friends camera phones. It went on for at least ten minutes with everyone just egging it on and not even attempting to break it up. Once the law arrived, it still took over ten minutes for them to get everyone to leave the parking lot because this type of so called citizen has no respect for the law and think that they are above the law...some people are so niave and oblivious to the obvious that it is no wonder this town is the way it is....

I would say this could be misleading

because just because it was a fight does not mean someone had to be locked up.


So, the City Administrators question the crime statistics! The point is not whether the statistics are lower than what was printed but the fact that I can't allow my wife to go shopping at night. I don't care if the city is ranked 4th or 10th, it is not safe to be out, especially in some parts of the town after dark. Shootings, roberies, thefts are all crimes and if Rocky Mount is ranked Number 100 out of 100 cities of similar size, it is ranked too high. Cary was mentioned in the article as not being comparable. Yes , I am sure if you compare demographics, population, and racial make up, you may see a difference. I say again, so what? There is too much crime in this city! Why can't the Administrators accept that fact without trying to make excuses as to why we have too much. They would have been better off to just keep their mouths shut and concentrate on the problems at hand. Three of them are crime, drugs, and gangs, and they all go together, or do they prefer to spend money on other things! Clean this city up first! Then you can revitalize downtown, build a dog park, or a Civic center! That's when business will take a look at this city as a place to have their employees move to while feeing safe to do it!

Not reported crime. Mrs. Watkins

A shooting last night on corner of Pender and Redgate one shot. Not reported in the paper or news because it's part of the cities new image. Just don't report it. What did you do with over $400.000.00 in gov. grant money for Bridging The Gap Mrs Watkins ?


I am not going to challenge any of the crime statistics listed in the online story by a real estate company. But I do believe it was a bit of a cheap shot for the company to say that some places in NC are very safe such as Cary and then you have areas like Rocky Mount which are not. Comparing Cary to Rocky Mount is like comparing apples to oranges. Cary has different demographics than Rocky Mount. If the same demographics were used/ compared I don't think the crime rate would be that much different. Also, Daytona Beach, Florida was on the dangerous cities list.

Bridge For Sale !!!!!!!!!

If you beleive this story then I have a bridge for sale in Hawaii for $100. All you have to do is read the paper every day and watch the tv news. Crime is rampant in Rocky Mount !

So, tell us......

BADMAN wrote:
If you beleive this story then I have a bridge for sale in Hawaii for $100. All you have to do is read the paper every day and watch the tv news. Crime is rampant in Rocky Mount !
How much did you pay for that bridge when you acquired it?

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