Three killed in multi-car crash in Whiteville

The Associated Press

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WHITEVILLE — The N.C. Highway Patrol says three people are dead after a multi-car accident south of Whiteville.

Troopers say a driver couldn’t complete a pass in a no-passing zone on U.S. 701 Friday night and tried to get back into the lane. That car hit the fender of the vehicle in front of it, causing 78-year-old Furley James Brown to lose control of his car and crash into a third car head-on.

Brown died in the collision. Two children in the other car, 13-year-old Brenda Inez Acosta and 8-year-old Brittany Marie Long, were also killed. Three teenagers in the car trying to make the pass suffered minor injuries.

A fourth car was struck by debris from the wreck, but no one in that vehicle was hurt.


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