Charlotte considers charging on garbage amount

The Associated Press

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CHARLOTTE — The city of Charlotte is considering charging residents for garbage removal service based on the amount of waste they generate.

The city is considering the idea as a way to more accurately set the price for handling garbage, The Charlotte Observer ( reported.

City officials say that approach would encourage recycling. It would also reduce the amount of material going into the city’s landfill in neighboring Cabarrus County. Ultimately, it could save taxpayers money.

The current system does not give residents an incentive to recycle, said Joshua Kolling-Perin, a spokesman for Waste Zero, which made a presentation to the city in May.

The system suggested by the Raleigh company would have residents buy bags for their garbage, instead of using the 96-gallon roll carts currently in use.

Kolling-Perin said the company has found that having people buy the trash bags is effective in reducing waste.

“They are paying per bag that they dispose of,” he said. “Garbage has a price. You want to throw away as little as you can.”

Assistant City Manager Ann Wall said the city is still early in the process and hasn’t decided whether to change systems. Any change could occur next year as a contract is being negotiated.