Natural gas rates to decrease

From Staff Reports

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Rocky Mount Public Utilities customers will see a slight decrease in natural gas rates this month as the warmer spring weather approaches and the costs associated with the demand and delivery of natural gas decreases.

The Purchased Gas Adjustment for April will decrease from $.20 to $0.00 per therm, bringing the residential gas rate to $1.53 per therm for the first 10 therms and $1.33 per therm for more than 10 therms. The wholesale price of natural gas is unregulated and fluctuates. The Purchased Gas Adjustment enables utilities to regularly adjust the amount they charge customers to reflect the utility’s actual cost of purchasing the gas and transporting it to their system.

“As the weather becomes warmer, we are hopeful that we can continue with the (Purchased Gas Adjustment) at zero through the summer,” said Utilities Director Rich Worsinger.