Nashville to hold public hearings

By Tyler Kes
Staff Writer

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The town of Nashville is holding a pair of public hearings Wednesday before the Town Council and Planning Board.

The first is in regard to a special use permit for the construction of a wireless communication tower in a district currently zoned for agriculture, Planning Director Brian Hassell said.

The tower would be on property owned by Rock Creek Baptist Church, but would be leased to U.S. Cellular Corp., Hassell said.

“It is probably one of those things where several companies would share the tower, but U.S. Cellular is the big one,” Hassell said.

Several requirements need to be met when constructing a tower like this, Hassell said, including safety features such as the tower needing to be twice as far away from property lines as it is tall and the ability for colocation, which is the addition of antennas to the tower, all of which have been met.

Hassell said he does not anticipate any opposition to the permit.

The second hearing is about the annexation of a home on East Old Spring Hope Road, Town Manager Preston Mitchell said.

The owners of the home, Susan and Jeffrey Lucas, are requesting annexation in order to receive benefits from the town.

The property currently is unincorporated, Mitchell said.

The meetings will begin at 7 p.m. at the Council Chamber at 114 W. Church St. Both issues will be voted on at the next Town Council meeting, which is at 7 p.m. Sept. 2.