Dr. Julianne Malveaux

Dr. Julianne Malveaux

Nash GOP raises concerns about Unity Breakfast speaker

By Darla Slipke

Staff Writer

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The Nash County Republican Party chairman has expressed concerns that the speaker for Monday’s Unity Breakfast to honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is a divisive public figure who has made a number of inflammatory statements in the past.

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let the raciest biddy speak if she wants to help . if she truly wants to help she'll speak for free . we all know the tax payers will be paying for this nonsense .

Just looking at the pic she

Just looking at the pic she would be a winner should the unity breakfast decide to have a "lip sync" contest

Another Left Wing Wacko!

African-American economist, author, liberal social and political commentator, and businesswoman. She is well known for her left-wing political opinions. After five years as the 15th president of Bennett College, she resigned effective May 6, 2012. Commenting on the Duke lacrosse case in an interview on National Public Radio a few days after proclamations by the North Carolina Attorney General, Roy Cooper, that the three students were innocent, she said that they were "hooligans," had lied, and that they "did not deserve an apology."


If she believes in "the dream" so much, why charge such a high fee? Why wouldn't she want to share the dream for free?

boomer !!!!

Boomer i have to agree with you. If you believe in the dream and want to see it come true why charge a price. The price has already been paid by several people seeking unity from Dr Martin Luther King to President John Kennedy,Senator Robert Kennedy and even Abraham Lincoln. But you see Dr King's dream may never come true because so many people have taken it and changed it to what they want and not what he wanted. We all have dreams but they only come true when we of the same mind and thoughts pursue them !

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