Nash commissioners fire county manager

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NASHVILLE – Nash County commissioners today voted to fire longtime County Manager Bob Murphy.

The board met for about two hours in closed session to discuss a personnel matter. When the board returned to open session, members voted 4-3 to dismiss Murphy. None of the commissioners offered a reason for the dismissal.

Voting for the termination were Commissioners Robbie Davis, Billy Morgan, Wayne Outlaw and Lisa Barnes. Voting against the dismissal were Board of Commissioners Chairman Fred Belfield, Mary Wells and Lou Richardson.

The termination will be effective at 5 p.m. Wednesday.


more changes

expect more major changes for nash county management and programs in the near future. some changes are necessary, some are long overdue, some are based on political changes, but all should help nash county to become better/stronger as a county. the Tea Party spoke loud and clear as did voters in recent elections. whatever's up, commissioners are doing what's necessary for the county.

He did

He does have a son who started a fight at a bar in the parking lot, started a fire inside of Walmart, and burned down a house at Lake Gaston, so should be about time to spend more time with family! Oh wait...That was one of the commissioners....,My fault...


But whats the reason? Don't taxpayers need to know?????

Murphy !

Its about time ! I could give you a few more names that need to be fired !

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