Nash commissioners to consider permit for solar farm

By Darla Slipke

Staff Writer

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Nash County commissioners will consider renewing a conditional use permit to allow for the development of a solar farm on 15 acres of land between the towns of Nashville and Castalia, among other business, during their regular monthly meeting Monday morning in Nashville.

Commissioners previously approved and issued a conditional use permit authorizing the development of a solar farm on the east side of Becton Road. However, the permit expired June 3, 2013, because less than 10 percent of the total cost of all construction, erection, alteration, excavation, demolition or similar work required for the project was completed within six months of the permit’s issuance, according to information provided by county officials.

The proposed solar farm site is in an A1 Agricultural Zoning District. The surrounding area is dominated by large agricultural and wooded tracts with some scattered rural single-family residential development, according to information from the county.

County commissioners will hold a public hearing during Monday’s meeting and then consider whether to approve or deny renewal of the conditional use permit.

In other business, county commissioners will:

Consider adopting a proclamation declaring Nash County as a “Purple Heart County” in support of the Military Order of the Purple Heart, which seeks to raise awareness about the sacrifices made by men and women who serve in the military, particularly those who have earned the Purple Heart.

Consider approving the awarding of a contract to Pearson Appraisal Service Inc. in the amount of $800,000 to perform the county’s tax revaluation in 2017.

Meet in closed session to consult with an attorney, to consider the qualifications and performance of an employee, to discuss matters related to economic development and the location or expansion of industries or other businesses in the county and to establish or instruct staff or negotiating agents concerning “the position to be taken on behalf of the county in negotiating the price or a proposed contract for the acquisition of real property,” according to the meeting agenda.

Nash County commissioners will meet at 10 a.m. Monday in the Claude Mayo Jr. Administration Building, 120 W. Washington St. in Nashville.