Locals voice concerns about potential event center funding

By John Henderson

Staff Writer

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Residents questioning the wisdom of building an event center in Rocky Mount are raising concerns that city officials will have to raise property taxes to cover its costs.

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The media probably figured you would go and tell it !!!!!!!!!!!! (lmbo)

Do you invite the media every

Do you invite the media every time you meet with someone?

First of all I don't hide behind a code name

so I have nothing to hide. And second, a meeting such as the one that The Community Council held, the media is normally invited. My point is whether the media was invited or not, they knew about it and but didn't report on it. I wonder why? But to your question, Do you invite the media every time you meet with someone? The meeting was for the community so when it was announced, the media knew about it.

Interesting The Community Council held a

meeting at the Library on Wednesday. Skip Carney secretary of the group was on FM 99.3 Thursday morning and he said the media was not invited. I called in and said although the media was not invited they could have attended. However anyone, don't have to be media, can record meetings held in a public facility and they are backed by The Open Meetings Law Statue. I find it quite interesting this paper and WHIG-TV has not reported on the Wednesday's meeting. So what is going on? Is the group receiving special privilege? I know they can get it from WHIG-TV, but is it the case with this paper? Since The Community Council said they wanted to educate the citizens, why did they not invite the media? Well my ignant opinion is they didn't want to expose who attended the meeting and didn't want to share what they talked about. SMDH!

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