Rocky Mount Councilman Andre Knight

Rocky Mount Councilman Andre Knight

Knight to seek third term on city council

By Brie Handgraaf

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Ward 1 Councilman Andre Knight announced this week he will seek re-election to the Rocky Mount City Council.

Knight said he is running again to continue the progress starting to happen in the realm of housing, jobs and crime reduction.

“Now is not the time to slide backwards,” he said in a press release. “We have come too far as a city and in our ward to compromise the progress that is finally being made.”

Knight supported an effort to increase the budget allotted to demolishing dilapidated houses and encouraged infrastructure improvements to the Crossing at 64 to make way for development.

He said he also has encouraged new housing projects and renovating existing housing.

“By revitalizing and cleaning up these neighborhoods and getting rid of buildings that have become eyesores, I think it has given people hope,” Knight said. “I think it has given people a different 
perspective of their neighborhood, and it makes them feel better about where they live.”

Knight, who has served on the council since 2003, said he plans to continue the fight to reduce utility costs if re-elected. Knight has served on the N.C. Eastern Municipal Power Agency Board of Commissioners for several years, and he was a proponent of opposing the Duke Energy and Progress Energy merger unless cities such as Rocky Mount received some debt relief.

Knight said he has worked on relieving the burden of high utility bills on city residents. The city has designated a city employee to provide in-depth help to utility customers with expensive bills and limited funds to pay them.

Knight said the employee goes a step further than the city’s WARM program and looks at other agencies and programs that might help residents.

Former Police Chief John Manley, who is running for the Ward 1 seat, said not enough has been done to lower utility bills.

“The voters can see what I’ve done,” Knight said. “I’m running on my record of action.”

Knight also serves as the president of the local NAACP, a position he has held for 10 years.

“I am the candidate that has fought for fairness in opportunities for all of our citizens in every community in our city and region,” Knight stated in the press release. “I am still the people’s servant and voice, and I still want to serve the residents of Ward 1.”



I found it on Heres the definition of 'ignant':

Give Andre Credit!

He might have left Ward 1 go to h*ll, but he did take on that guy in a wheelchair!


Thats right Mr. Dancy dance around the issues and controversy that mr. knight has been involved in. You are right, if you read the city council minutes he has accomplished alot. But not very much of it is good as I pointed to in my first post. He has done much more bad than good. Is the city in better shape now than when he came into office...NO! You should read the post about Booker T Washington. It speaks to people such as you and Andre. If you don't have any solutions to help the problems in Rocky Mount don't speak just slither away. You say you are such a great activist in politics I would challenge you to tell us what good you have accomplished in politics besides just stirring things up and causing controversy. I do think you have a lot of knowledge when it comes to politics but I don't think you use them for good. Again, if you don't have any solutions to add just slither away quietly.


Just explain to everyone how you don't even live in Rocky Mount, and how Andre doesn't even live in ward 1. And how you tried to get a fellow co-worker fired from Honeywell. Answer that please! No more Dancing Dancy!

Dance around

Nope don't dance quit that in the 8th grade. Controversy? Obviously you are ignant to the facts that the controversy he has been involved in all panned out to being nothing so get the heck over it. Just tell the truth. Nope got to try to discredit him somehow. Well show us some facts. I am glad you posted he has accomplished a lot per the minutes and that is what counts and not what you and the haters want to believe and attempt to mislead others. What was not good? Post it here so that it can be dealt up or down. Nope you will not do it because your mission is to discredit him without facts. Post facts and if they are facts then you will get some amens but you will not do that because it will tell the real truth. I read about Booker T Washington and again you are allowing your ignance to get in the way because I work a real job. I don't get paid to do politics however what I have to offer I should and may eventually began to do so because I know I am good at what I do with The DCN News Blog/Online TV. Oh now you want me to tell you about me. Well that is documented also at and you can read about all that I do. Not going to challenge you about what good I have accomplished because my works speak for itself. It does not matter what you think about the knowledge that I have when it comes to politics because I don't need you to validate anything that I do. I love all the "don't think" you say when it comes to me. Well I don't care what you "don't think" because I am going to continue to do what I do because I know I am good at what I do. Solutions: It ain't about me I am not on the City Council however Knight is a solution as it relates to bringing about a positive change to the work of the city council as it relates to what is good for all people of Rocky Mount. Nope ain't going away until the Good Master says so. LOL!


Ignant is not a word dancy....Look it up in the dictionary, and tell me what the definition is. Your good at what you do? Whats that? Trying to get a co-worker at Honeywell fired? Trying to ruin him and his families life? Maybe thats the definition of 'Ignant' fat boy!


I looked up 'Ignant' in the dictionary, and it's not there. Do you make up words Curmilus 'Honeywell Shakedown' Dancy?????


I love it! Dancy you continue to show just how "ignant" you are every time you post on here. Nothing you said makes any sense. YOu just ramble off your hate speech and continue to stir things up. Thats what you do. I don't care that you have a job. Thats not what Booker T Washington was speaking of ignant. He was speaking of people such as you that just like to keep things stirred up and yes you have had some benefit from keeping things stirred up. Maybe not from direct money but somewhere you have benefit from stirring the pot. You even call yourself an agitator. So please continue to do what you do. Be the "ignant" thing that you are. You help make my point every time you open your mouth.

Booker T. Washington said it best...

No less of a visionary black leader than Booker T. Washington made the observation below. Despite the antiquated language, the following sentence describes those of Knight's ilk perfectly. It has been 101 years since these words were written. Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose. "There is another class of coloured people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs — partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs." - Booker T. Washington My Larger Education, Being Chapters from My Experience (1911)

Making a living?

A moment in EDUCATION Making a living serving on the Rocky Mount City Council? How ignant? The Rocky Mount City Council in it's 4-3 black majority is not welcome black folks running things and some folks can't take it. Things have been exposed that those before them put in place such as ElectriCities. I am so glad I know what is going on and I don't have to rely on folks who attempt to mislead folks to tell "their" story. It was Andre Knight, Lewis Turner, Carol Batchelor, myself and a couple of other folks in the name of Northeastern NC On The Affairs of Black People whom found out about the ElectiCites and some other things going on within the city long before he became a council member. Hell I don't even live in Rocky Mount however I will challenge those whom live them about many issues and especially when it comes to the work of Andre Knight. You may not like him but it does not change the fact that he has done some good things since he has been on the city council. He is on the council because he decided to run when he had purchased one of the most prestigious pieces of property in Rocky Mount the old Wimberly Gregory Estate on Falls Road. Many white folks along with many black folks had a problem with him when he purchased the property and many still do today. However I do agree there are some political pimps however they make enough money to live off the backs of poor folks but this is not a position that one can do such.


Does he even live there???? I mean...I thought that was a requirement. What has Knight actually done? I mean the area still looks like h*ll....

Live there?

Does he live there? Obviously he does he filed just like other folks with the Board of Elections and he is on the council. Damn I hate ignance and attempting to mislead folks. Prove that he do not live there and then post back here. What has he done? Read the minutes of the City Council meetings and then report back here. Still looks like hell? More ignance. I don't live in Rocky Mount but have been working in Rocky Mount for 25 years and active in politics since the early 90's so I know that is a lie. Just tell the truth don't attempt to mislead others who believe everything they read.


andre has the telegram reviewing commnets on his article . guess mine wont be published

too funny


Guess you were wrong...

Just saying... :)


Mr. Knight, how much money has the city, state, and federal government spent on the Crossing at 64 over the years and why cant the public get an answer from the leaders of the Crossing at 64? If you demolish the dilapadated house, please place a lean against the property so the property owners dont get there property cleaned up for free. If you want new housing project make sure the tennants actually have to pay and maintain the propety not just live there for free and destroy the place ie: if they have no job they can do community projects or maintenance for free to offset there rent. If you renovate a home, make sure that it is availabe to the people who actually live there and not the people who own a bunch of homes for rent that dont put any of there money into the property. Please remove the burdon of all electric utility customers,not just the ones who cant pay. Do something for the people that are actually making sacrifices to pay there bill . Also make the owners who rent substandard housing to bring them up to code and maybe the renters bills wont be so high. In the end i hope Mr. Manly get the job because you have done nothing for the citizens as a whole in Rocky Mount. I expect a rebutall from the dancing bear.

Knight needs to visit his district.

It is the most blighted area in Rocky Mount. The Bogangles Sign is the only tenant so far at 64 Crossing. It's doubtful there will ever be much more than a sign there. He has helped to increase crime in the area by creating an abundance of boarded up properties. Chief Manley isn't the savior that the people need in that district but he isn't Andre Knight and that's enough for right now.


People please wake up and see that this man has done nothing but bring this city down. Unemployment is the highest in the state, businesses are leaving in record numbers, utilities are high and the cities reputation is one of the worst in the state. All we have to show for Andre's body of work is a block downtown with a few businesses that will not be there next year, the streets of downtown dug up, and a weed filled field at 64 crossing that no businesses want to build at. And did I mention that crime is high no matter what the city statistics show. This man has been the center of controversy and trouble since he took office(and before). I don't know that former Chief Manley will do better but I don't know that he can do much worse.

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