Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Anthony Jackson.

Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Anthony Jackson.

Jackson reveals Richmond decision, calls job not 'the right fit'

By Jim Holt

Staff Writer

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This week, Dr. Anthony Jackson said the job to lead Richmond Public Schools “wasn’t the right fit” for him.

Dear Reader,
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Cherry Picking

I don't know what you mean by cherry picking. I was just reporting information from the Richmond Times article. I read the article again. Actually, there was very little positive information regarding Jackson. There were other negative items reported in the Richmond Times that I have not even posted. Lion of Judah or K Greene mentioned that some teachers like Jackson. Which publication/article does this come from? That was not in the Richmond Times article. In fact, they have comments from one person who worked with in the same school system in Virginia that are negative. Also, some negative comments from other educators and school board members in the Richmond area. So I am not cherry picking from that Richmond Times article. However, I would like to make 2 corrections since I am unable to edit my first post/comment. I believe Jackson participated in the public forum. The Richmond Times mentioned that he was the only top candidate who balked at the process or had reservations. I do not believe that particular article mentioned that he was the number 1 candidate before he withdrew. To be fair I did some additional research. There is another article in the Richmond Times that is more positive regarding Jackson. I believe it is dated December 18, 2013. It mentions the laptop initiative in the Nash Rocky Mount schools and the fact that Jackson has won an award.


There were other items mentioned in the Richmond Times that were not printed in the Rocky Mount Telegram article. School board members in Richmond were upset that Jackson took the process this far and then decided to withdraw at such a late stage. They were also disappointed that he did not participate in a town hall or public forum which the other top candidates did. However, the Richmond Times mentioned that Jackson was the number 1 choice for the job before he withdrew. Actually, I believe speeding tickets are important. Maybe if you only have 1 or 2 that is no big deal. The Richmond Times suggested that Jackson had atleast 7 or 8 speeding tickets and possibly 14. That really is an excessive number. If you are not willing and able to follow rules on the road then what other rules/procedures do you break. The Richmond Times also indicated that Jackson has not been popular with teachers anywhere he has worked or words to that affect.


Are you serious! That's a huge stretch, but you are entitled to your opinion. I also read in one of the articles that Jackson was well liked by teachers and that the board chair in his previous county indicated that he was good for the community. It is interesting how facts are cherry picked to meet ones own agenda. I SMELL A RAT!!!! But I'm sure others do as well. Speeding tickets?????.... WOW. And let me also get this straight, before he withdrew he was the leading candidate (even with the speeding tickets). Hmmm... The RAT really stinks now. Oh and by the way, before you attempt to call out the SUPERINTENDENT, please learn to spell it. There are spelling rules and you just broke one... that might mean that you no longer qualify to be a cowardly poster on this site. What other rules have you broken...hmmmmmm Seriously, what I find excessive is that you are working overtime trying to make a story out of something where there really isn't one. But you have to be accountable for you. I find this entire game suspicious. But I am sure you will be scheduling a meeting with the school board members soon to insist that they correct this immediately, or better yet, I am sure you will be speaking at the next school board meeting. Again, Dr. Jackson, we have your back. K. Greene, Castalia, NC


Thanks for pointing out that I spelled superintendent incorrectly. You seem to be taking my comments personally. There is not a need to attack me for my opinions and mentioning information that was in the Richmond Times article. I have know idea what you mean by rat. In the Rocky Mount Telegram Jackson seems to dismiss the speeding tickets issue. The Richmond Times mentioned that he had about 7 or 8 speeding tickets and possibly 14. If that is accurate then that is excessive. The other candidates only had 1 or 2 tickets. If you are not willing to follow rules of the road then what other type of procedures do you break. Don't criticize me for that type of thinking. That is one of the reasons background checks are done. Obviously, you support Jackson. Instead of attacking me personally you should explain why he is such an outstanding superintendent.

Gee you're smart...

Just out of curiosity where did you get your degree Ms. Greene?


I am appalled at the comments the Telegram have allowed to be posted. At what point should you exercise some level of ethical responsibility. My belief is that if people are going to post attacks of this nature, they should be required to sign their names. I have never seen anything like this in my life. I guess I could create as many user names as I want and write anything I want without having to prove anything and have a forum for this. Dr. Jackson, it is clear that you are doing the right things. People don't attack like this when they are not being held accountable. I have yet to read one example, just slurs to get the gossip going. What makes this even more bizarre is that the Telegram often writes stories about bullying in our local schools and students posting negative comments about peers on social media sites, but then allows this type of vitriol on their site. What about the adults. Whose holding them accountable? Where is their proof? What Hypocrisy. I have never written to the paper, but as a Christian, I could not sit still and allow anyone to think that everybody feels the way we, as employees, are being portrayed here. I wanted to add my voice. I am an employee in the district, I have met Dr. Jackson many times. He has visited our school several times. I support his work, and while I do not know him personally, what these folk have written is nothing close to my experience with him. Keep your head up Dr. Jackson, there are many of us who do support you and believe in your vision for our school system. Wow. I'm embarrassed. This is wrong on so many levels. But I guess I shouldn't be surprised, this is Rocky Mount. SMH. K. Greene


That's funny lion of Judah screen name. And the reason we don't is because we have a family to feed and bills to pay. We would be gone in a heartbeat if some knew. Lion of Judah!;)

Richmond Times Dispatch

Very interesting article, please check out Richmond Times Dispatch on the comments about Anthony Jackson, very eye opening and sad to have been taken in by the likes of him, but that is par for the course for Rocky Mount

Jackson is an Embarrassment

"Dr." Anthony Jackson is an embarrassment to NRMPS. He has an online doctorate. I am not knocking online education but I question schools such as Walden and University of Phoenix based upon personal research. I would love to read his dissertation and have the opportunity to discuss his goals and vision for our school system. He will never do that because I am only a teacher. Dr. Jackson looks down on his educators. He actually looks down on any employee that does not work in his little castle in Nashville. Principals are petrified of him. The lack of respect towards the backbone of the school system (teachers) and most students speaks highly of his character or lack of it. Parents like the one who commented are blinded by his little public show. I have not seen Dr. Jackson at most community events. You are a lucky one to see him. How many teachers did he interact with at the Oratorical Contest or was it just the principal and well known community members? Jackson mentioned programs he implemented in other school districts. I too would love to see if they are having success the way he implemented them. By the way many of his ideas that he has for NRMPS are not his own as he claims and takes credit for. The 1:1 initiative had been implemented in several surrounding counties for over a year. He is a cancer to this community.

No Action Jackson

One fact is clear and indisputable, had Jackson been selected for the Richmond job he would have had to have been in place by mid-January. Comparing a principal moving,(28-29 of them here) to the superintendent leaving a system of 17,000 plus students midyear speaks volumes as to the level of professionalism this guy brings to the table. Complain to no one but the Board of Education about this hire. Lately it's been hard to be an embarrassment to Rocky Mount but somehow they managed. An online doctorate degree, good Lord.

Complete Bull

The school board is truly showing it's ignorance. They need to talk one on one with their teachers and see what contempt they have for their "leader." His arrogance, rudeness, and pure disdain for the non central office people is well known. The school staffs detest him and his bipolar rages, "all about me" bull and "I'm God" attitude. He should be fired before all the good teachers and staff have left.


NRMS Educator, I am a parent of 3 NRMS students and a long-time resident of RM. I am glad that the Superintendent is staying. As far as I can see he is doing an excellent job. I Just wanted you to know that you do not speak for me. Dr. Jackson, keep doing what you are doing. I saw you yesterday morning at the oratorical contest at the Imperial Center and just watching your interaction with my daughters principal, my pastor, other parents and especially the students touched me and told me everything I need to know about you. Thank you sir. GSP

This is a smart guy

I remember the first time I met him he did a presentation with the Edgecombe County Commissioners in Pinetops during a retreat. His presentation was awesome!

another one...

If no one questioned him then why write this article. We all know he writes These articles to "write our story." As for the newspapers in richmond, they wrote the real stories and weren't spoon feed like this And many other articles. Let's face it he is trying to save face with this newly written and well crafted "story." The truth always comes out and it did in the richmond papers. Time To save face. Too late. Fingers crossed for Durham.

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