Italian food manufacturer to open in Nash County

By John Henderson

Staff Writer

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An Italian-based international company that produces nut-based spreads is going to open a manufacturing operation in the Whitakers Industrial Park.

Nutkao USA, Inc. plans to create 56 new jobs and invest more than $7.3 million over the next three years in the Rocky Mount area, a press release from Gov. Pat McCrory’s office states.

The company is locating in a 100,000-square-foot shell building that was constructed by Nash County in the hopes of landing a manufacturer.

“Nutkao’s decision to locate its manufacturing plant in Nash County is yet another example of how North Carolina is on the radar of international companies,” said Gov. Pat McCrory in a prepared statement. “Our talented workforce and business friendly climate is catching the eye of manufacturers both here in the U.S. and abroad.”



Be nice to let us tax paying citizens how much money the state, county and city have given this company to move here. Also someone should do a indepth story on whether or not the companies that have received money in the past have lived up to there end of the bargain, but I doubt that will happen. Especially need to look at the company that is susposed to be developing the shopping center where the bojangles is on the Edgecombe side of Rocky Mount>

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