Hurricane Arthur makes little impact on area

By Tyler Kes
Staff Writer

Staff Writer

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After days of speculation about the nature of Hurricane Arthur and whether it would make landfall, the National Weather Service expects the storm to dissapate later in the day as it moves out on the water, meteorologist Kathleen Carroll said.

The possibility for mild rains and thunderstorms still exists in Rocky Mount, Carroll said, but weather conditions are expected to rapidly improve as the weekend continues.

“Basically it will keep moving away from the coast, northeast,” Carroll said.

There is still a slight chance for inclement weather and possibly a small, weak tornado, Carroll said, but that has more to do with the cold front moving in from the west than the hurricane.

Arthur progressed from a tropical depression Tuesday to a 
hurricane Thursday, Carroll said, with the Weather Service expecting the hurricane to peak as a Category 2 storm, with winds between 96 and 110 mph.

“For the most part, the strong hurricane winds and everything should stay out over the water,” Carroll said.

Most of the firework dipslays should not have to worry about cancelation like Rocky Mount did, Carroll said.

“By the afternoon, everything is just going to be gone,” Carroll said. “There is some concern over the front moving out of the west.

“I think that by afternoon it will be pretty good weather for the Fourth.”

Independance Day celebrations in Castalia, Tarboro and Englewood Baptist Church still are on schedule, barring drastic weather.