N.C. Supreme Court Justice Mark Martin

N.C. Supreme Court Justice Mark Martin

N.C. Supreme Court justice rallies Nash GOP

By Darla Slipke

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N.C. Supreme Court Senior Associate Justice Mark Martin made an appeal to Nash County Republicans on Thursday night, asking them to support his candidacy for chief justice in 2014.

“We need to elect people that share our values,” Martin said during the Nash County Republican Party’s annual convention.

More than 100 Nash County Republicans, elected officials and other guests attended the county convention Thursday at Nash Community College. Guests enjoyed a meal of chicken and pork chops prepared by the Momeyer Ruritan Club.

Martin gave a brief speech in which he discussed some of the rights that he said distinguish Americans.

The founders of the United States came from countries where they could not worship as they pleased or say what they pleased if it offended a king or someone in authority, Martin said. When they came to America, Martin said, they did something completely different from other nations.

“They decided that our rights were inalienable, and they were endowed by our creator,” Martin said. “Because of that, generations of American soldiers have fought and died to preserve those rights.”

Martin told local Republicans that it is important to elect judges who will work to protect their values.

Four of the seven seats on the N.C. Supreme Court will be up for election in 2014, Martin said. Chief Justice Sarah Parker is retiring, so the chief justice position will be open.

A number of elected officials and party leaders attended Thursday’s convention.

N.C. Supreme Court Associate Justice Robert Edmunds Jr. asked people who attended the convention to put his name in their long-term memory for 2016, when he will be up for re-election.

N.C. Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission Chairman Jim Gardner told the group he brought greetings from Gov. Pat McCrory. Gardner said McCrory asked him to let the group know how important the Twin Counties and Eastern North Carolina are to him.

“He knows where Rocky Mount is,” Gardner said. “He knows where Nash County is. He’s going to keep it in mind. He’s going to be back time and time again.”

Nash County Commissioner Robbie Davis was honored with the Faye Eagles Volunteer of the Year Award, which is given each year to honor service to the Nash County Republican Party.

The group also honored Warren Boone, who served on the executive committee for close to 40 years.

After the meal and remarks from elected officials, Nash County Republicans held precinct meetings and conducted convention business. They elected officers and at-large executive committee members to serve through 2015, among other business.

Nash County Republicans had a great amount of energy leading up to the November 2012 election, and that energy has carried over to 2013, said Mark Edwards, chairman of the Nash County Republican Party. They already are looking ahead to 2014, Edwards said.

“Hopefully it will work so that we’re not having to ramp up again,” Edwards said. “We can just continue on being a strong county party organization straight on through from 2012 to 2014. That’s certainly our goal.”