Community residents remain unsure about Pope closure

By Eric Dinkins

Staff Writer

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This marks the first school year in almost 80 years that O.R. Pope Elementary School will not serve Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools’ students.

Dear Reader,
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Just looked at the meeting

on WHIG TV and I found it to be quite interesting. After watching all of the speakers speak with passion, I still stand by my previous comment.

Community responsible for maintenance of schools?

It was not the community who suppose to be responsible for the maintenance of the school.

The paid Principal down to the paid Staff, the paid maintenance,the School Improvement Team and The PTO, the paid school board, the paid superintendent, the paid central office all should have been on top of this. However either they didn't know, in denial and/or didn't give a damn.

To say it is the community fault is just too ignant! Who does that? The community going in a school checking out the maintenance. That is what paid folks suppose to do.

It is a damn shame that the Bond Referendum money was not earmarked for the school.

I understand they say the school is in such bad shape and that the school must be closed due to the safety of the children. What I can not comprehend is how this be a community problem because out of all of my years of advocating for children serving on the School Improvement Team, PTO and other committees pertaining to schools, I have never once seen anything written or stated that it is the community who should make sure the schools maintenance depended on them.

Maybe this is a wake up call that there need to be a group of folks made up of the community that need to make sure the rest of the schools on the Edgecombe County side of the Nash/Rocky Mount School System do not get closed due to the lack of sensitivity from those who should be doing their damn jobs.

So now it is not only the community job to raise their children but now they need to make sure the maintenance of the school is added to their list. SMDH!

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