Kelly Anderson

Kelly Anderson

Community remembers slain man

By Brie Handgraaf

Staff Writer

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While their hearts are filled with grief, the parents of a man who was killed Tuesday night smiled as they reflected on the actions of the devoted husband that preceded his death.

Kelly “Kelz” Jerod Anderson, 30, was walking home from dropping off his wife’s phone at her workplace when he was shot and killed around 10 p.m. on the 300 block of Pennsylvania Avenue.

“He’d told her he made food and that she didn’t need to worry about anything when she got off work,” said the Rev. Kenneth Anderson, the 30-year-old man’s father and pastor at God of Deliverance Ministries. “He’d always tell me that I taught him how to love his wife and be a good provider. I told him I was very proud of him. Natasha was the love of his life and he showed it.”

The couple had been married several years and 
together a few years longer. Natasha Anderson is employed at Stretchline Industries on Goldleaf Street, where her husband previously worked as a machine operator and was set to restart Wednesday morning. Stretchline representatives said Kelly Anderson was a hard worker and the company is doing all they can to support the family.

Despite being born in New Jersey, the beloved son had lived in Rocky Mount for more than two decades.

It was here that he developed a reputation for being a classic gentlemen to all who knew him.

“He was always so kind to people,” his mother, Janice Anderson, said. “Kelly always was very kind and courteous. He was always opening doors for women, even though they might not have been used to it. He’d tell them, ‘That is what my mama taught me.’”

Frances “Mother Sunshine” Jordan said she would never forget the respectfulness and polite nature of the man she first met at his parent’s church. Robin Dunn also met Kelly Anderson at God of Deliverance, working with the then-teenager with a passion for drumming.

“We played music together for many years, and I helped groom him from being an animal on the drums to being a very skilled drummer,” Dunn said. “My head is too full to express how I felt about him, but he really was someone you’d be lucky to call ‘friend.’”

Janice Anderson said she recognized his rhythm from an early age as he’d bang on pots, slowly teaching himself the basics of drumming. The eldest of seven children, Keneen Anderson, recalls watching her brother play drums at church – particularly when he stole the show during one fast-tempo hymn.

“That is the memory that always comes back to my mind whenever I think of Kelly,” his sister said. “I think about him doing something he loved and had a true passion for.”

With well-groomed eyebrows framing his kind eyes, Janice Anderson said she’ll never forget her son’s ability to make people laugh. Memories of running to greet “Alvin and the Chipmunks” at Disney World and mimicking lines from the movie, “Elf” brought tears of joy to Kenneth Anderson’s eyes.

Janice and Kenneth Anderson, both of whom are faith leaders, said the outpouring of prayers has strengthened their hearts while they await answers from police.

Authorities reportedly received a call about shots fired at 10:17 p.m. and were on the scene within four minutes, but the 30-year-old already had died. The investigation is ongoing.

“I know God will bring an end to all this gun and gang violence,” Janice Anderson said. “Justice will be served because our young people will face judgment for destroying a life as if it didn’t mean anything.

“It has got to stop. These senseless acts have got to stop.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact Detective A. Alzer at 972-1457 or Crime Stoppers at 977-1111 or

Text a tip to police at 274637 by beginning messages with RMPOL to direct the tip to the Rocky Mount Police Department and type up to 155 characters about the information.


Public Notice & Shamus

If you know what needs to be done and don't you're doing the same as the NAACP, black Greeks and the church. Join us and make change. Johnny Cunningham 252-266-3858 STAND TO BE SEEN, SPEEK TO BE HEARD OR SIT DOWN AND GET OUT THE WAY!!

Poor misguided people

This is not a time for pointing fingers at each other about the different crimes that's going on in Rocky Mount and surrounding areas. This is a time for the good citizens of Rocky Mount and surrounding area to standing up and doing what is right. That is for each and every individual that is trying to live a decent and productive life, raising their family and taking care of their home to stand up and let these so-called gangsta know "enough is enough" we as Rocky Mount citizens will not stand for this anymore and will not become a victim because some so-called gangsta thinks he's running something. Gangsta you are on notice, you will be reported to the police, you will be found out, you will be caught and you will receive what you are trying to dish out, if pain-and-suffering is what you want to apply to innocent citizens Rocky Mount, "Remember" you are only human and pain-and-suffering will truly come your way see how you like it.


Agreed, respectfully. Too bad that the no snitch policy outweighs people's desire to be rid of the criminal element in this city. What do you say to people who hide these criminals out in their houses? People like parents, husbands, wives, sisters, brothers and cousins? Oh, and lets not forget grandma's they are the main ones who will hide their precious little criminal grandsons and daughters. How do you address them? And many of these gangsta types are paying the bills in the house with illegal drugs. You know they aint gonna give them up if they are paying bills.


As much junk as YOU talk about who is not doing what in the community and YOU haven't come up with a solution, maybe YOU need to be quiet and sit down. I call it like I see it. You are always blasting churches, especially one particular church, and you took pleasure in attacking them when they were at a vulnerable point of having lost a family and church member. That was LOW, very LOW. You couldn't be humane enough to extend sympathies to the church for their loss but you want to come off here as some great humanitarian, please, you have no room to chastise anyone else about any observation they make. What are YOU doing? Seriously.

Public Notice

I back up every thing I say and I'm not ashamed nor do I hide behind fake names. I've invited you and others to come and see what we're doing to help the poor but you're no-shows. What I've said in the past about World Tad. I stood by it then and I stand by it now. Just for your information 2 weeks ago there was a shooting one block from Word Tab. since you brought it up again. I venture to ask you this question, Why do we need a white church to solve our problems when they refer to us as their "black brothers?" Why can't we be their brothers in Christ? Again you're invited to come and see what we're doing to help the poor. Johnny Cunningham 252-266-3858 I stand behind every word I speak.


I know about the shooting and I know about the white churches that are operating in the black communities under the umbrella of other black churches. For clarity, I never said that white churches should come in and solve problems in the black community. They shouldn't. That's what black churches should be engaged in doing. I agree with you on that much, but arrogance, whether it comes from the church or the community, is an undesirable trait for anyone who stands in a leadership position.

Public Notice

"Arrogance," You tell me if not that approach when we're (my group) are in the middle of "law abiding citizens, the church, the police, the city ect. who have declared war on ("thugs") the poorest (in every since of development) group of people in our midst and the countless lives taken from children and adults that could have contributed to man-kind? Not only is it time to display arrogance but fortify it with a total disregard for those that think "thugs" are the problem and not a product of the real problem which is poverty. Poverty has many faces but the same out come. Total destruction. What approach would you suggest? Every dam thing ("programs") in place today don't work and people are loosing their lives. Johnny Cunningham 252-266-3858


I'm so sick of these so-called community based organizations which do nothing but sit in the communities and smile nice for the cameras and show up when there is a march just long enough to get their picture and name in the paper like they did something. I know that there are several white churches in the area which are working together with black churches to help communities but I think that they have some side agenda too. I think that they just want to get as much money as they can from working with the poor black children in the community until all of the money is gone, then they will leave just like everybody else does. They only pretend to care. Nobody can help black people but black people. As for the Greek organizations, they are about nothing, just like the NAACP in Rocky Mount. About nothing. They do nothing and they say nothing except for when the camera is on. Great photo opt. Show me one thing that the local NAACP has done to address the crime and mayhem in this city. The Greek fraternities and sororities operate like exclusive clubs do. They are always on their high horses but you don't see them in the communities. They have their shows and events in nice safe places where people pay to come in, but they won't go to crime ridden communities and show any kind of support. Everybody wants to hide and be safe and carry titles that they don't live up to. shame on them. I don't respect the local NAACP leadership at all. They do nothing.

Here we go again

You want to scream church, but where are also the black Greek fraternities, even though I've never met a black Greek, where is the NAACP and local president Andre Knight. As many of them are in this city they should be raising a firestorm of hel. But not one press release from any organization who also profess to help the fellow brothers and sisters. In fact, most of those I know that belong to these organizations are so busy trying to be assimilationists that they are disconnected from reality and the only kids they work with are those that are their own kids or fit a particular mold. Actually they are all connected. If it turned out a white person did the crime, they would be here raising hell. Instead They stand pat on black on black crime as if they work for the clan. The imperial wizard laughing at us killing ourselves. So yes I'm an angry black man about the state of our people but I need more angry tired black men not women to step up. We need to be prepared to engage war on those that terrorize our communities and our children, that's the only way for real change. You know what the capitalist want to do, make bigger jails to put our boys in for cheap labor and teach our children false education that always portrays a super bright hero.


"Young people will face judgment for destroying a life as if it didn't mean anything" When you look at all the people that are being killed there's no partiality, but when you look at the killers and the families of those killed it's like day and night, (A thug kills a preachers son) Why did this child grow up to become a killer? Why wasn't more done to prevent this child from becoming a killer? When will more be done for the children that's growing up now to become killers and who will do more? The church? (Salt of the earth)

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