This rendering depicts the proposed downtown Rocky Mount Event Center.

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This rendering depicts the proposed downtown Rocky Mount Event Center.

City weighs funding options for proposed Event Center

By John Henderson

Staff Writer

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Rocky Mount city leaders are nowhere near a decision whether to build a new downtown event center but are simply gathering facts to make an informed decision, Mayor David Combs said.

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When you build the center, get Duke Power to run a line to it. That should save the City a ton of money. Also, begin negotiations with the rival gangs early. You probably want to pick the right one for protection. I noticed the Highway Patrol helps with most events at PNC Arena in Raleigh. Perhaps we can get them to patrol the area around the center as well, freeing up the local police to do something about the crime in the area. Lastly, if the size of the center proposed will generate 12 million, well dang, let's build a center much larger and generate 36 to 48 million. We can tear down one side of main street and build parking structures. Think of the money the City can generate charging $15 a pop like they do in Raleigh. I don't think the City has really thought about this. (removes tongue from cheek)

event center information not complete

What's going on here. A meeting was scheduled for tonight to discuss the event center which was postponed because of the weather. If they did not have all the info how could it have been presented if we had not had a snow storm. Why waste the time and probably more money in getting information about funding until the city council listens to the people who object to this event center. We have just had 2 shootings within a couple of weeks that made the national news and city council thinks an event center would bring in monies to support such an idea. Lets get real and solve some of our problems and then we can think about building an event center with private capital money instead of pay back grants.

Who scheduled a meeting?

Not the Rocky Mount City Council! You see again more misleading information. The 2 shootings recently have nothing to do with the Event Center. SMDH!

Damn still going to put a twist on

this story instead of waiting to all of the information come out and is presented. SMDH! You can't talk to these kinds of folks because they hide behind a code name. LOL!

dancing curly you don't live

dancing curly you don't live in rocky mount thus you pay no city taxes--Secondly you live in a rented house so you pay no property taxes--so when you & your kind are getting a free ride its easy to spend others money.

Ignant I don't have to live in Rocky Mount

and do not have to pay city taxes. Yep I live in a rented house and a lie that I don't pay taxes. I dare you to go down to the Edgecombe County Administration Bldg and ask to see how much taxes I pay. Me and my kind have worked on my current job for 27 years as of January 26, 1987. I spend my money ignant! Another one hiding behind a code name cause I could probably prove you don't live in Rocky Mount either. Now Run & Tell That!

Event Center/Ford's Colony????????????

Business people, city leaders, and the Chamber of Commerce believed Ford's Colony would generate a tremendous amount of economic growth for the area. Many wealthy people were expected to move to Rocky Mount from the north to retire. They would come because of Rocky Mount's prime location along I-95 within easy reach of the mountains and coast. This great influx of wealth was supposed to trickle down into the Rocky Mount economy.

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