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Attorney Danielle J. Long, owner of the Long Firm

City teenagers take a stand against violence

By Brie Handgraaf

Staff Writer

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As a teenager growing up in Rocky Mount, Nash-Rocky Mount Early College freshman Javan Richardson is accustomed to seeing violence and heartache overtake his peers. Instead of leaving him downtrodden and hopeless though, the 14-year-old set out to take a stand – a growing trend among area youth.

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NEWS doesn't needs policing PPL needs policing

I hope you can either relate to the inner city living or YOU actually live within the inner city or south Rocky Mount. I've actually watched that show once or twice and I can say he is a bright young man. I thank the "Rocky Mount Telegram" (Brie) for actually reporting on the GOOD in the city and not another shooting. If you are not helping with the problems on our side of town then your comment is useless. This is NO TIME for politics we have REAL issues that needs REAL solutions. We need a NEW approach.

Telegram Duped

Brie, did you think for a minute that you might be getting duped into giving free publicity to a political candidate? Bronson Williams has filed to run for retiring Joe Tolson's seat. As someone who is on the political beat - I'd think you or your editors would be more considerate of someone manipulating the media - including THE STATION HE WORKS FOR - for political gain. WNCR can't even get advertisers to pay for ads on their station and has resorted to infomercials during prime-time. There are other media outlets covering the youth and poverty drama in our community. Why give one spotlight to a politically motivated individual? It taints ALL the good he may preach he is for - by the very notion of his motivations. For an "award winning" publication this truly, stinks. It belittles those from the inner-city and south Rocky Mount.

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