City promotes unity, equity

By Brie Handgraaf

Staff Writer

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With a workforce of nearly 1,000 people whose jobs are to serve the residents of Rocky Mount, City Manager Charles Penny said it is imperative to ensure city workers provide services with unity and equity in mind – not personal bias.

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walk through

if anyone don't think there's a problem . just do a walk through any city office in rocky mount . until these two nuts are removed from the city . we will continue to have these problems .

Managerial problems downtown?

This insistent need for a diversity study is a major red flag to me that there must be racial issues troubling city departments. Why won't someone in charge "grow a pair" and solve these managerial issues without our needing to pay for a mumbo-jumbo study? This is 2014, and the issue of race is growing old. If you, Penny or Combs, has the power to "fix" whatever issues exist locally, fix it and let's move forward.

what problem

there is no racist problem if you are black .

Poster Child

Why not let the poster child for unity, Andre Knight, head up the study and save the money.


please don't let him do it . with the brains he's got . it will cost a lot more .


Really Mr Penny. Whats funny is your very own council member believes in the opposite. Andre Knight is a thorn in the city of Rocky Mounts side.

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