City Council considers 'Whistleblower Policy' for reporting fraud

By Brie Handgraaf

Staff Writer

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The City Council will review a proposed “Whistleblower Policy” at its Monday meeting for city employees to report suspected wrongdoing.

“The purpose of this policy is to maintain the integrity of the organization and establish a procedure for reporting dishonest acts and/or fraudulent activity,” the administrative policy reads.

The policy outlines the process for the city’s more than 900 employees to report misappropriation of city funds, falsification of city records, improper use of city equipment or property and more. In addition to protecting the identity of the employee who reported the concern, the policy states that unfair treatment of the reporting employee or filing a false report could lead to disciplinary action.

“Failure to report incidents of wrongdoing may be grounds for disciplinary action,” the policy also states.

All allegations of wrongdoing will be investigated by department supervisors, the city auditor or other staff in the city manager’s office, the policy states.

The City Council must approve the policy before it can be enforced.

An annual report of compliance with the policy would be presented to the City Council.

Also on the agenda is a funding agreement with the N.C. Housing Finance Agency regarding a $45,000 award of Housing Trust Fund money to provide urgent repairs for low-income residents in Rocky Mount. Applications for as much as $8,000 in repairs through the program will be accepted beginning Wednesday. The deadline for applications is Sept. 27.

In other business, the council will consider a budget amendment for $4,800 to purchase a back-up power supply for the 911 Center, which is needed as the communication systems are rewired.

Also on the agenda is a presentation by the American Public Gas Association of several awards to the city’s utility department.

The regular meeting will be held at 4 p.m. at City Hall.

At the 2 p.m. Committee of the Whole meeting, council members will hear a budget report from Budget and Evaluation Manager Ken Hunter.

After the financial review, three items are slated to be discussed during closed session.

The closed session matters are to discuss a property acquisition, an economic development opportunity and a matter that falls under attorney-client privilege.


Event Center

"The closed session matters are to discuss a property acquisition, an economic development opportunity and a matter that falls under attorney-client privilege."

Sounds like the next step in hiding the City's progress towards forcing this thing down our throats.

Mr. Noah Boddie

The Event Center? When you consider Rocky Mount Nash County and all the growth and improvements made utilizing tax dollars, grants and investments has it cost you any thing or have you lost any money from your bank account? You do enjoy those improvements don't you? This is my question to you. How much will it cost you after the Event Center becomes reality? And then counter that cost with a well-to-do black Edgecombe County tax payer and you'll find that it cost you nothing but in fact it cost an Edgecombe County tax payer more because every thing is higher in Edgecombe County than Nash County. The fact of the matter is your support will make it better for the whole city and your non-support will make it harder for the whole city but it won't stop it from becoming reality. The choice is yours because it's going to become reality with you, without you or through you. So choose wisely.

Should we learn from the mistakes of others?

Rocky Mount should avoid a similar boondoggle. Could the "proposed" Rocky Mount Event Center require 15% of Rocky Mount's budget for subsidy? - Glenn Falls, NY Civic Center Demise

Glenn Falls Civic Center has a variety of events but it was still a strain on the local budget. They now can't event auction off the place for $1.5 Million. They can’t even auction off the Glenn Falls, NY Civic Center


Does this mean mr knight and mr penny will be doing some investigating ( interesting )

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