Rocky Mount Police Chief James Moore

Rocky Mount Police Chief James Moore

City to consider gun draft

By Brie Handgraaf

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Rocky Mount City Council members will consider a resolution to support President Barack Obama’s gun control plan Monday before Police Chief James Moore speaks about 2012 local crime statistics.

At the request of Councilman Andre Knight, Assistant City Manager Ann Wall drafted a resolution supporting Obama’s orders and urging legislators to work on solutions to gun violence across the country. Wall will present the resolutionand a look at limitations local governments face when it comes to considering gun-related ordinances.

Moore will speak at the 2 p.m. meeting about crime reduction efforts and results of his first year employed with the city.

“I am extremely proud of the department’s accomplishments over the past year, and I am encouraged that our continued efforts will see a reduction in crime in the city of Rocky Mount as well as improvement in overall department operations,” Moore said in a report to Wall.

According to the 2012 crime report, there was an overall 9.3 percent reduction in crime, compared to 2011 statistics. The report indicates there was a 26.5 percent increase in violent crimes, despite a 33.3 percent reduction in murders. Moore said police saw an increase in aggravated assaults and commercial robberies.

There were eight homicides in Rocky Mount in 2012, according to police reports. Five of those cases remain unsolved.

Planning and Development Director Ken Graves also will speak at the Committee of the Whole meeting about community appearance guidelines recommended by the Community Appearance Advisory Committee.

At the 4 p.m. Council meeting, there will be a public hearing regarding the use of installment financing to construct a $325,000 storage building at the fire department headquarters along with an estimated $4 million for the construction of an electric substation on Grayson Road.

Other action on the agenda for the meeting includes:

  • The use of $30,000 from the general capital fund for Downtown Live!
  • A $15,000 contract change order for relocating electric service and construction a dumpster pad for the Prime Smokehouse Restaurant on the Douglas Block.


Knight and Wall are so smart

I agree with USAMan. If Knight and Wall would take their head out of the sand they would see that what has been proposed does not work, and with the rise in violent crime in Rocky Mount this is definately a poor proposal. I hope the other members on the City Council represent their constituents and vote this down instead of just going along with it to appease Knight. If the current laws were enforced, there would not be these problems. Go to court and see just how many conficted felons are charged with possesion of a firearm and they just get another slap on the wrist. Give them some hard time and they may think twice before breaking the law again. Kudos to the woman in Elm City who shot the thug that broke in her house. I bet he'll think twice before breaking into someone's house again!

Maybe Andre should....

Maybe Andre Knight should actually live in the district he represents, then he would get a better idea of crime. Just a thought....

More legislation does not equal less criminal activity

Those of you who believe that further gun control legislation will stop or even curb violent crimes committed with firearms are as foolish as that idiot who currently resides in the White House. Most crimes are committed by, oh I would call them CRIMINALS, who are not going to abide any law to begin with. Many of the current proposals are rehashed ideas already on the books in some form or other with the possible exception of a proposed national firearms database. That one (similar to Canada's failed attempt at such) sounds like some socialist doctrine. My point is that this free nation does not need any further gun control legislation, there are already plenty of laws on the books that just need to be enforced. There also needs to be more accountability/responsibility placed on the parents of these children who commit crimes including school or theater shootings. The self righteous Andre Knight and the rest of the council do not speak for me on this matter and should not have the audacity to draft any resolutions such as the one mentioned in this article. As for local crime, I don't know what accomplishments our new police chief is referring to but it seems to me that a 26.5% increase in violent crime year over year is a major problem and a statistic of concern to all RM citizens. I am looking forward to hearing his speech and finding out what the department's accomplishments are that he is extremely proud of.

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