Rocky Mount House of Prayer, Praise and Worship Pastor Sandra Taybron  Thursday at the church's current location above the Helen P. Gay Rocky Mount Train Station.

Telegram photo / Adam Jennings

Rocky Mount House of Prayer, Praise and Worship Pastor Sandra Taybron Thursday at the church's current location above the Helen P. Gay Rocky Mount Train Station.

Church at train station grows ministry

By Darla Slipke

Staff Writer

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A jumble of noises and movement is nothing out of the ordinary at a train station. The sounds of rolling luggage, bustling passengers and trains slowing to a halt are all commonplace.

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You seem to be the type of person who uses Scriptures to fit their point and not their life. First, I want to say that this woman in the picture Apostle Sandra Taybron is MY Pastor. I'm not sure what type of churches you have attended nor do I care. However, when it comes to this woman of God I can say that she does not condemn, belittle, or judge anyone. How do I know? Because I am far from a saint and she has done nothing but show me unconditional love. Will she speak truth? Yes she will. Will she keep it real? Yes she will. Will she bend over backwards to Win souls for the kingdom? Yes she will. Now you are definitely entitled to your opinion but when it comes to my Pastor, I ask that you choose your words very carefully and before you judge her based on past experiences, please first come see for yourself who she is. I promise you will never be the same! Blessings to you!

Here's why...

Have you taken the time out to go witness to these people that you call "dirty filthy rags"? Have you risked your life to pull these people out of the dangerous situations that they are in? Have given these same people hope for tomorrow? Have you showed up at court to bare witness that they have changed or gone to visit them in jail when they still need someone to support them? I'm pretty sure you haven't done any at the least most of these things. This article is about my mom and I am witness that she has done ALL THESE THINGS and more. Never once did she put anyone down or belittle anyone. Never once did she try to take any glory for herself. She glories in God her father and his amazing works. Never once did she try to make anyone a "trophy". Its called testimony! Come visit then you may also be a witness. Blessing!

I wonder why

After drug dealers, gang members, ect. are "saved" and attend church they are always mention as such. When in fact God says we ALL were as "DIRTY FILTHY RAGS" now would you "born again Christians" want to be mention as dirty filthy rags? didn't think so. I thought when a person repented and believed Christ died for their sins and that His blood paid the price for their new life that old things passed away and BEHOLD ALL THINGS ARE BECOME NEW. So why does the church mention it like as if they have the worst of the worst in their church or that it's some kind of trophy? Why can't we just be born again just like all the other DIRTY FILHTY RAGS in church?

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