Word Tabernacle Church will be moving into the former Home Depot building off North Wesleyan Boulevard.

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Word Tabernacle Church will be moving into the former Home Depot building off North Wesleyan Boulevard.

Church to move into Home Depot Plaza

By John Henderson

Staff Writer

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A church that has grown exponentially since opening in Rocky Mount in 2005 has a contract to purchase the former Home Depot building in Rocky Mount.

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Word Tabernacle

The move from the current WT location to the Home Depot location sounds like a great business idea and plan. It just seems that Pastor Gailliard's vision for WT changes all the time. According to Sandra of Whig TV, Pastor Gailliard has already stated that he is willing to lease the Home Depot building to the City of Rocky Mount for use as the "new Entertainment Facility". So how can it be both a worldly entertainment facility and a sanctuary? What is going to happen to the 64 + acres that the church members bought for 1.2 million dollars on West Mount? Has certain "powerful citizens" of Rocky Mount pressured Pastor Gailliard into NOT building a church on West Mount? People that have given to that ministry merely want to understand "what is going on". Word Tabernacle is a Megachurch but please keep Jesus in the "middle of it"?

The Church goes beyond "spiritual" things

Everyone in the community doesn't belong to the church, but the church belongs to everyone in the community. This has been a consistent part of the ministry at Word Tabernacle. The Christian's heart is a spiritual sanctuary but we live outside of the physical sanctuary. Allowing the city to host events that are beneficial to the individuals, the church, and the city seems like a positive thing. There is a difference between hosting a Lady GaGa concert and hosting a city wide event that helps the community. WTC does that now. In fact, there will be a Rocky Mount Employment Success Program which is partnered with local businesses in order to help train citizens on how to become equipped for employment. There will also be a job fair hosted the following week. If the city needs a place to host the NC Symphony, it would be beneficial to all people. These are events that are a part of ministering to the entire person and the city. In reference to the ins and outs of the other property and accountability for those who have paid tithes and offering, there are quarterly business meetings which are open to the public and all information is shared with members at that time with records for them to pick up if they could not make it. A large gathering of believers does not constitute for corruption. Jesus is the focus of it all in order to minister to the Church and to the Community.

Good Steward

This is an example of good stewardship not of corruption. We at Word Tabernacle Church has been donating to a new building for years. And now we have finally gotten it. Our Pastor preaches 4 times each Sunday and 5 times on 1st Sunday and 2 times on Tuesdays'. We are excited about the move because now our Pastor won't have to work so hard to minister to so many.


How does a church purchase a building for 1.4 million dollars? Where do they get that kind of money? Must be the same place the pastors wife gets the funds from to buy a Bentley. This is just wrong. How much of the money that they collect each week from parishioners actually goes to the community? If churches were taxed in NC perhaps these types of things wouldn't be happening on a daily basis. As many churches as there are they should not be exempt from paying taxes. This would help this state out tremendously. As well as each community... A 1.4 million building would generate a nice revenue for Rmt .

A change in Perspective

As a member of the church and community, I would urge you to come to our open to the community business meetings before you go and put false claims of Bentleys and the misuse of money. Every penny is accounted for and transparency is key to the ministry. Assumptions and judgments only bring quarrels and a lack of unity within our community. If you would like a copy of the business minutes, they are open to the public and available at the church. Instead of attacking the church, why not see the positive that is happening within the Church and how it is affecting the community as a whole. Word Tabernacle, like so many other churches in the area, gives a lot back to the community. In fact, our R.E.A.C.H. center is always receiving referrals from government and city agencies in order to help families in financial need. It is also active in partnering with multiple universities as a training center for those who are going into social work and the realm of social action. Needing a larger space to worship should not be a time and a reason for criticism, it should be a time for people to celebrate that there are people in our city who are having their lives changed and they are receiving hope! It is a great place to be and I hope that you can come visit one day. We would love to have you!

Word Tabernacle

It's clear you did no research on this church before you commented because your comment doesn't apply. This is my church and no such thing has occurred like that. Come see for yourself.

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