Shyheim Tyrek Collins

Shyheim Tyrek Collins

Basketball court shooting reflects trend of juvenile violence

By Brie Handgraaf

Staff Writer

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Rocky Mount police said the Thursday night arrest of a 17-year-old in the shooting of four youths is the latest in a trend of juvenile violence.

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Well I'm only here to say a few things!!! This child has never had his biological mother in his life she was to busy in the streets & as for his father he passed away last year..& No I'm not saying what he did was OK because Lord knows It wasn't I'm only saying doing his life he really didn't have the support system others have and after losing his father he would rarely speak to anyone..THIS CHILD WAS SEARCHING FOR LOSED LOVE IN ALL THE WRONG PLACES. not enough communication going on to even understand why kids start to turn to the streets for attention!!! We gotta Pray & Communicate even if the child is not yours.. Kids and Teens need to be able to have a place where they are allowed to speak on how they feel and be heard some comfort love and support because we don't need to keep losing our babies behind BS!!! #ONCE AGAIN I NEVER SAID HE WAS RIGHT BECAUSE HE WAS NOT!!!!

Looks stupid

This fool does look stupid. Reads on a first grade level and knows zero about right and wrong. He should be executed. Sorry to be blunt but this shit must stop. Let's get our black community and leaders and monitor our city 24/7. Save our people and let's work closely with the police. I am tired of our young kids behaving the way they do in school. Teachers try very hard to get the job done. They're not failing our kids, the parents are. If no action is taken then admit our failure.


I see more and more of this in Rocky Mount, kids killing kids. Don't blame guns, the police , blame the shooter. The first thing that needs to start happening is bring back the whippings. Parents need to be able to tear that a-- up when you do wrong and not need to worry able child services. Look at the kids that are now in their 40's they grew up when whipping that a-- was ok. You don't see many in the paper for this kind of stuff . And the second thing is parents need to be more in their childs life.

Don't Blame Me

The Don't Blame Me Society will say we as a community failed this child. We may be partly to blame, but the failure began before his birth, unmarried, uneducated, unloved, and unsafe parents who expected society to take care of their "love child." Parents need to be parents and be prepared, employed and economically set to bring a child into this world. Don't give me any mouth about the downtrodden, everyone has the opportunity to rise above, it's called education--and it's free. Value that, encourage that, view it as the way to get out, and you will.


He look real stupid now. I bet he will be back on the street within one year.

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