Authorities: Be wary of locksmith scams

By Brie Handgraaf

Staff Writer

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Authorities are urging residents to heed a warning about a new scam that hasn’t been reported locally but is posing problems elsewhere.

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Local Locksmiths

You do the local bonded locksmiths a disservice by not mention in the story that consumers should only use bonded, licensed locksmiths. Your story leaves the consumer to wonder if OUR local locksmiths are dishonest. Please, think about what you are presenting to the public and don't leave a story half written. Do you guys even have an editor that approves the stories before they go into the paper?

BOO - RM Telegram: Paywall???

Why the HELL would you put a CONSUMER ALERT behind a paywall? How the flip is the general public supposed to heed a PUBLIC WARNING if they have to PAY TO READ IT?

Stop smelling your own farts and getting high off the methane and realize who your audience is, please!!!

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