Students in the Nash-Rocky Mount Public School District were picked to participate in the N.C. Governor’s School.

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Students in the Nash-Rocky Mount Public School District were picked to participate in the N.C. Governor’s School.

Six attend Governor’s School

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Six outstanding students from Nash-Rocky Mount Public School District were selected to participate in the 2012 N.C. Governor’s School.

The students are: Sydney Browder, Rocky Mount High School (mathematics); Jyazia Joyner, Nash-Rocky Mount Early College High School (English); Ann Catherine Phillips, Northern Nash High School (natural science); Jessica Rogers, Nash Central High School (choral music); Kayla Simmons, Southern Nash High School (mathematics); Katie Tyson, Southern Nash High School (mathematics).

Students were nominated in one of 10 curriculum areas: art, choral music, dance, English, foreign language (French and Spanish), instrumental music, mathematics, natural science, social science and theater. In reflecting on their experiences, participants strongly encouraged rising juniors and seniors to apply. Simmons was selected for the Class of 2012 in the field of mathematics.

“It’s hard to pick out the most memorable part of Governor’s School because the whole experience was amazing. For me it would be the interactions with the other students. I met people with many different views and beliefs than I had. I learned that I had to be open and accepting,” Simmons said. “Governor’s School will change you in ways you can’t even imagine and it will better you. This is a chance of a life time and an experience that I will always remember.”

Browder also was selected in the field of mathematics.

“I am so honored that I had the opportunity to attend the N.C. Governor’s School last summer. It was a life-changing experience that I will never forget,” Browder said. “The math was difficult, but I am definitely a better, more motivated student because of it. The people were wonderful and I would tell anybody considering Governor’s School to try their hardest to get in.”

Phillips was selected in the area of natural science.

“My most memorable experience at Governor’s School West was the day Dave Chameides came to talk about environmentalism,” Phillips said. “He guest spoke in my green engineering natural science class about how detrimental plastic bottles are to the planet. I have also almost completely eliminated the use of single-use products from my entire household. We no longer buy any bottled water. We also have discontinued our use of paper plates and plastic cups and we have exponentially increased our amount of recycling. (Governor’s School) truly introduced a new and very intriguing avenue of living to me.”

Rogers said the most memorable part of Governor’s School for her was getting to meet lots of teenagers who are just as passionate about education as she is and the feeling of belonging.

“Governor’s School taught me that a grade on a paper is not half as important as the amount of knowledge that a person receives. As I start my junior year, I have to remember not just to focus on a number, but what I learn as well. It also taught me to ask questions about society,” Rogers said.

For more information on Governor’s School, students and parents should call their school guidance department.

“Why accept a fact given to you when you can ask questions and challenge (the idea)? Finally, it taught me to be myself. It’s okay to be really passionate about something. That’s how dreams are made, through the passion of an art or skill.”

Rogers was accepted to Governor’s School in the area of choral music.

Joyner said she loved every moment of the experience.

“The most memorable portion about Governor’s School is meeting some of the most amazing people in the world,” Joyner said. “I will never forget their faces, their personalities, and their ambition to succeed. I still miss them to this day and I want to thank them for making my experience worthwhile. I now love exploring things rather than just accepting them as they are. I am now learning to be more open minded to other people’s beliefs and ideas.

“You learn so much in so little time. I promise it will change your life forever.”