NRMPS custodial staff recognized during awards ceremony

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Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools custodial staff recently spent a day at Rocky Mount High School completing their annual federally mandated training and receiving some well-deserved awards.

The Clean School Awards were presented to NRMPS staff by Daniel Rich, Frontline Manager for Aramark Facility Services.

“Custodians are the backbone that keeps things flowing in the school system,” said Rich. “There is nothing a custodian doesn’t do, from unloading a truck to cleaning floors and everything in between. They do it with humility and dedication to our students, staff and district.”

The awards are determined by a point system, with first and second place honors being separated by only one hundredth of a point in some cases.

During the awards presentation, Dr. Anthony Jackson, Superintendent of Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools, discussed the important impact that custodians have on student learning.

“If our schools aren’t clean, if our classrooms aren’t clean, learning cannot take place,” said Jackson. “You are the grease that keeps this engine running, and your efforts do not go unnoticed. Thank you for all you do, everyday.”

Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools employs 114 full and part-time custodians across the school district. Dr. Eric Cunningham, Associate Superintendent of Facilities and Operations, also saluted the custodians for their diligent efforts.

“Our custodians provide a clean environment for the more than 16,000 students that attend our schools daily,” said Cunningham. “Their work is second to none.”

The training included seminars on blood-born pathogens, handling asbestos and cleaning for health.


Elementary School with fewer than 500 students

  • 1st Place – Baskerville Elementary: Fred Cherry, Michael Smith and Sylvia Jones
  • 2nd place (tie) – Pope Elementary: Della Perry and Fred Silver
  • Fairview Early Childhood Center: Alesandro Abrahams and Linda Warren

Elementary School with greater than 500 students

  • 1st Place – Bailey Elementary: Carolyn Burgess, Bettie Mercer, Hattie Orozco and Jeremiah Strayhorn
  • 2nd Place (tie) – Spring Hope Elementary: Dorothy Battle, Larry Dew, Leo Jones and Deborah Perry
  • Williford Elementary: Isaac Campbell, Johnnie Lyons, Raymond Pittman and Terry Sessoms
  • 3rd Place – Englewood Elementary: Charletta Kelly, Robert Nicholson and Garriet Richardson

Middle School

  • 1st Place – Red Oak Middle School: Vincent Cyrus, Norma Harrison, Jerome Harrison and Donald Howell
  • 2nd Place – Parker Middle School: Bobby Lucas, William Washington and David Rogers

High School

  • 1st Place – Rocky Mount High: Anthony Baker, Felicia Boddie, Carl Carey, Michael Debreaux, Williams Grimes, Jr., Sonya Jones, Quinton Lee, Bertha Myrick and Stanley Thornton
  • 2nd Place – Northern Nash High: Carolyn Avent, Linda Bryant, Herman Jones, Jr., Ronnie Joyner, Carolyn Pittman and Keith Roberson

Miscellaneous/Alternative Schools

1st Place – Tar River Academy: William Jones and Linwood Warren

Office/Administrative Facilities

  • 1st Place – W.L. Greene 
Campus: Helen Richardson and Dorothy Baker
  • 2nd Place – Teacher Resource Center: Angela Arrington
  • 3rd Place – Family Resource Center: Terry Sessoms


(The certificates were presented to School Principals)

Elementary School with fewer than 500 students

  • Red Oak Elementary – Principal Eric Mitchell

Elementary School with greater than 500 students

  • Nashville Elementary – Principal Sharon Huneycutt

Middle School

Red Oak Middle – Principal Margaret Sharpe

High School

  • Northern Nash High – Principal Chad Thompson
  • Miscellaneous/Alternative Facility
Early College High
  • Principal Christine Catalano

Office/Administrative Facility

  • Oak Level Annex – Janice Arrington, custodian