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Nash-Rocky Mount names new principals

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Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools recently announced three new principals for the 2014-15 school year during the Nash-Rocky Mount Board of Education Planning Retreat.

John Milliner-Williams, former assistant principal at Rocky Mount High School, was named the new principal of Tar River Academy.

“I am extremely pleased to have the opportunity and will focus on what I need to do to be successful,” Milliner-Williams said.

Milliner-Williams replaces Brian Hopkins, who accepted a position outside of Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools.

Mary Jones will serve as the new principal of Bailey Elementary School.

Jones, former assistant principal at Northern Nash High School, said she is excited about her new position.

“As the new principal of Bailey Elementary School, I look forward to becoming a part of the Bailey Elementary School family and serving our students,” Jones said.

Jones will replace Amy Thornton who left to pursue other opportunities.

Sherri Wells will take over the principal’s position at Middlesex Elementary School after serving as the assistant principal of Spring Hope Elementary School. “I am so excited to have the opportunity to join the Middlesex Elementary School team,” Wells said. “I look forward to working with the students and staff and also getting to know the school community. I look forward to a great school year.”

Wells replaces Samantha Deans, who has a new assignment in Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools.


Shame on the School Board

All that has been said about Dr. Jackson may be true, but the School Board has allowed and embraced his tactics. If the School Board did their job, they would not allow him to treat people the way he does. Sometimes, they should at least question his recommendations to make sure his intentions are in the best interest of everyone involved. This very article almost screams that he has been allowed to run away other administrators and central office folks most likely without cause. If any of the administrators are not doing what is expected, they should be given direction to make changes in their performance, if that is the issue. Instead, it appears that decisions are made without consideration of the "whole picture" of situations. The employees that have been promoted from within appear to be those that rub elbows with certain board members or Dr. Jackson. I recall back in 2012 when a principal was removed from their job, based on an incident that could not have been handled better than it was. It is a mystery as to how that person could have been blamed for this. It appears that the most recent "changes" are similar to those decisions made since Dr. Jackson took the reins of NRMPS. I guess when the school system collapses, someone will realize that it is time for a change in Superintendents and Board Members.

Jackson Driving'em Out!!!

How can the board of education not see what this man is doing? It is frowned upon to leave NRMS and say why you are leaving but if someone took the time to find out why you would see what needs to change. ADMIN AT TOP!!! NRMS has lost some TOP A+ people just in the past year but yet no one asks why!!! And if you dig deeper you will see how many great people have left since his arrival. I know some needed to leave but he leads by intimidation. He's only got 2 more heads at co to get rid of and then he will have a clean house. Heck even he saw 5)3 writing on the wall and tried to bail out in December as he sees the ship sinking. No ones left around him. Even the people he brought in have left him. The ones left are nothing more than bobbleheads because that's all he wants to surround himself with. Who is losing out when we lose these great people? Our kids. Congratulations to these admin who found their way out. And god bless the new ones. It's PAST TIME for a change!!


Someone should ask the question of why has there not been any consistency in the schools. People continue to leave and pursue other venues. This is a trickle down effect and it affects the students most. Needless to say those in poorer mostly minority settings. Hence, the past few years we have seen a spike in youth involvement with crime and gang activity. Why, because it used to be true community schools with familiar people in those schools. The personnel knew the community and families in the community and there was a personal connection. Now it's all about becoming so transparent across the system that relationships are not established wholly. Furthermore, many outsiders have been brought in to positions of power because they fit a particular set of credentials but have no way of really knowing this community all for what looks good on paper. Hence again a huge disconnect. Maybe the kids are just pawns on the board for the next doctoral experiment to toy with to see what happens.

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