Patricia Hollingsworth is the new Chief Public Information Officer for Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools.

Patricia Hollingsworth is the new Chief Public Information Officer for Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools.

Hollingsworth joins Nash-Rocky Mount schools


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A new face has been hired to join the administration department at Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools.

Raeford native Patricia Hollingsworth began Thursday as the chief public information officer for the school district. She replaces former chief public information officer Ashley Simmons, who left last month to become the communication manager for the city of Charlotte.

Hollingsworth said her salary will be $85,000 a year.

“I’m excited to be part of the Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools,” Hollingsworth said. “I came at the most exciting time with this being the time of the year of students receiving recognition for their achievements during the year and graduation right around the corner. I hope to utilize various communication tools to further communicate initiatives to stakeholders and to further expand internal and external communications with community members, business partners, students and staff members.”

Hollingsworth previously worked two years as the executive director of communications and public relations for Cumberland County Schools. Prior to her role in Cumberland County, Hollingsworth spent eight years as the executive director of public relations and coordinator of support personnel for Hoke County Schools.

She plans to be a staple in the area and to use technology to help Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools stay in touch with the community.

“I plan to increase community partnerships by putting on different community events,” Hollingsworth said. “I’m also looking to increase our use on social media, and making updates on the website.”

Jackson said Hollingsworth’s qualifications and skills led to her being the ideal candidate to be the chief public information officer.

“I am convinced Mrs. Hollingsworth will be a valuable asset to our team,” he said. “The education and experience she brings will propel us forward in our communication efforts with all stakeholders.”

Hollingsworth’s educational career began as a mathematics and science teacher at Scotland County. She earned an undergraduate degree in business administration and a graduate degree in school administration from UNC-Pembroke.




Please tell me that you are kidding? We are loosing teachers right and left because they haven't had a raise in years and you are going to pay this lady 85K to play on a computer (technology) and call parents on a robo call? UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

$85,000? That is two teacher

$85,000? That is two teacher salaries.

85K to make nightly calls to

85K to make nightly calls to parents.....sign me up!

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