The ECC Human Resources Development Board was among 24 advisory boards that met at Edgecombe Community College on March 19. Shown from left are Patricia Sharpe, Lori Winstead, Jim Turner, Brittany Gaynor, and Chester Brown.

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The ECC Human Resources Development Board was among 24 advisory boards that met at Edgecombe Community College on March 19. Shown from left are Patricia Sharpe, Lori Winstead, Jim Turner, Brittany Gaynor, and Chester Brown.

ECC divisions receive input from boards

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About 200 business, industry and health care leaders and Edgecombe Community College faculty gathered on the Tarboro campus this week for Advisory Board Night.

The annual event was held March 19 on the Tarboro campus.

ECC advisory boards consist of professional leaders, community members and faculty who are experts in the subject area of their board. More than 70 businesses and organizations are represented on the boards.

Maureen Little, associate vice president of customized training at the N.C. Community College System, provided the keynote address. Customized training provides training and education for new and existing companies that are adding jobs, investing in technology or enhancing productivity.

Customized training is offered at community colleges across the state, she explained, “to make sure industry locates and grows here.”

According to Little, North Carolina was the first state to develop customized training programs, and now “47 other states have followed in our footsteps.” The current focus is to “sustain the industry that we have in North Carolina. What we’re doing continues to be critical for this state.”

Advisory boards are in place for 24 program areas of the college, such as nursing, barbering, and historic preservation. Six to 10 members sit on each board.


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