YMCA offers special on adult memberships

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The Harrison Family YMCA is encouraging adults to join a community that not only helps them lead healthier lives, but offers them a place to belong.

The YMCA is not just a gym. It is a community hub where people gather to build lasting relationships, become healthier, have fun and become their best selves. Since the YMCA is known mainly for its family atmosphere, the staff wants single adults or individuals looking to join on their own to know that this is a great place for them as well. One will be sure to make new friends, relieve some stress and get in shape all at the same time.

In September, the YMCA is offering a membership special under the One Adult Category. This membership category is for adults ages 30 to 59. People who are members of another gym can bring their current membership card – or another form of proof of a current membership – in and pay nothing down to join the YMCA. People who do not have a current gym membership anywhere and want to join will receive a discount of one-half off the joining fee.

Upon joining, all new members are given the opportunity to join the YMCA’s Coach Approach Program for free. This program gives each new member a coach to show them around the facility, get them acquainted with the staff, equipment and tools needed to become or stay healthy. Everything will be based on the member’s individual health and wellness needs.

A membership also provides access to the entire facility and all water and aerobics classes.

For more information, feel free to call 972-9622 or find them online at www.harrisonfamilyY.org.