Tarboro high school athletes dream of leadership

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Twenty-five Tarboro High School student athletes recently attended a leadership training geared towards training leaders to make a greater impact on their school community. Nominated by Principal Mike Turner and Athletic Director Jaime Willoughby, the athletes represented 17 sports teams at Tarboro High School.

In conjunction with THS, the North Carolina High School Athletic Association sponsored a DREAM – Daring to Role Model Excellence as Athletic Mentors Team training. Here, students engaged in discussions surrounding being part of a team, embracing diversity, becoming a role model, utilizing effective communication skills, and building relationships. Showcasing school pride was another great emphasis of the training.

Netonya Boddie, a ninth- grade student at Tarboro High, felt energized by the day’s activities. During a diversity training activity, students were placed in uncomfortable positions and treated by a label they received on an index card placed on their forehead.

“The event made me a stronger team player,” Boddie said. “Now, I realize how it may feel for others to be judged.” Boddie also stressed learning the importance of empowering a teammate to make positive choices in difficult 

Nyasha Savage, a senior at THS, left the event with more valuable experiences than she expected. “I was able to get to know a lot more about my friends and I gained some new ones by partaking in activities outside my comfort zone,” said Savage.

“A lot of athletes stick together with their teammates but this training made me more knowledgeable about the people I know outside of my usual group of athlete friends.”

The DREAM team training challenged student athletes to think about varying degrees of sportsmanship. Twelfth grade student Lisa Jones was empowered to leave the training and immediately showcase her new leadership skills. In the hallways of THS, Jones displayed the poster she and her group members created to describe characteristics that student athletes should possess.

“The leadership training is a step in several planned initiatives,” expressed Michael Turner, Principal of Tarboro High School.

“This is one of the ways in which we plan to encourage a collaborative school culture at THS.”